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On many occasions, financing is needed to carry out new projects at a business or personal level or to continue with the activities that have been developed, but many times it is quite difficult to find the necessary support in the banking entities. Hence the need to resort to platforms that are dedicated to managing loans , financing and investments.

This type of application is studied by specialists, who quickly assess the granting of credit with the best guarantees and of course with the best interest rates so that any person or company does not feel overwhelmed by so many conditions or restrictions that therefore They are generally seen in private banking, but best of all, the entire process can be done online.

A financing model between individuals

There is a financing model that has been present since the 90s, created with the intention of financing those small projects of companies or individuals and whose funds come from people who lend their money. We refer to Crowdlending, where investors receive a consideration or an interest rate for the services provided , being an alternative that has spread not only in Spain, but in other countries.

This is a method that works as a loan for those companies that need to undertake new projects or to continue their activity . Due to the great economic crisis that has occurred in recent years, obtaining a bank loan has become an uphill race and generating many obstacles to grant financing to companies and loans between individuals , which is why they have been seen in the Need to search for new alternatives, which has been found through Crowdlending .

From the investment point of view, a lot of economic benefit can be achieved since individual savers make investments in loans to companies or individuals in exchange for a return. This is achieved only by registering in platforms that are responsible for managing this type of investment or loan and transferring the money to be invested.

Other financing alternatives

When requesting a loan, you can choose between going to a bank or other types of financing methods , such as:


It is a type of financing where anyone can support interesting projects in exchange for monetary compensation. Through this type of financing the desired contribution is made and depending on that, the reward varies. This is a new modality that is fully supported by the Internet and where most of the projects are financed with money (in small amounts) from investors.


This is a type of financing where investors buy a stake in a company and that, in general, are usually small amounts where the benefit depends on the success. In these cases, the investor participates in the benefits and added value in hopes of obtaining a high return, although there is also the risk of a total loss.

Invoice discounting

It is another form of financing that in recent years has emerged among SMEs as it is a quick and easy way to obtain money for discounting bills and promissory notes.

Online loans without paperwork

There are many problems that arise when you are going to request a loan , with complicated procedures and a long list of documents that are needed to access this type of financing.

Nowadays, thanks to the new financial institutions, free no credit checks - Payday now is possible to obtain with fast loans online where no papers are needed to get the money. The request is quite simple to make. You just have to fill in the online form and wait for the response from the financial institution, which will make the deposit immediately to the bank account that has been provided if it is accepted.

This type of loan is a financial product that is increasingly demanded by individuals and which refers to easy and agile procedures , without the need to present contracts, payroll or supporting documents, which avoids breaking your head trying to collect all the collections requested by a traditional bank.

It will not be necessary to present all the income forms of recent years, show a project or the need to request an amount of money urgently. In addition, in just a few hours, the requested amount can be available in the account .

Who benefits from this type of credit?

They can help any type of person, regardless of the situation. It is no secret to anyone the problems that can arise, for example, if the car breaks down, the heating or air conditioning is damaged, if you have to pay late bills or simply because you want to satisfy a whim such as going on vacation or doing shopping.

It does not matter the situation, age, location or profession. You will always be able to access this type of credit in a transparent way and where the interests are much lower than the banks.

Advantages of applying for loans without paperwork

This type of loan has a series of very interesting advantages that must be taken into account , especially if they are requested online, since financial institutions are not going to allow a credit to be enjoyed at any time, without demonstrating liquidity safe to return that economic amount. Among the advantages of this type of credit are:

  • It is easier and faster. Here you do not have to give explanations, nor is there so much taxation, just by answering a series of short questions, you almost immediately get a response and the availability of the requested money.
  • Contracting loans without papers is guaranteed to receive a response as soon as possible , thanks to professionals who monitor each case to grant the best advantages according to the situation.
  • The day-to-day life of people today involves a series of activities that often do not give rise to going to a bank and carrying out a financing procedure where you can spend a whole morning trying to justify why you want a loan. Today time is worth money . Therefore, just by having access to the Internet through a mobile device or a computer, it is possible to request an amount of money to enjoy it and return it within the established deadlines.
  • This method is adapted to the circumstances of each user, since the unforeseen event happens to everyone and a bank takes much longer when an urgent loan is requested, putting obstacles and impediments, so that they are the best solution for those situations and move on.

The Credit Checker database is no longer a problem

The financial institutions that offer loans , consult the records of defaulters before lending the money and everyone who is included in this list will find it very difficult to get it. However, thanks to the fact that financial products have evolved, new ways have been created to obtain loans even if one is on the list of Credit Checker defaulters in a fast and easy way. But, it is important not to trust any particular lender that offers this type of loan since, in some cases, they are scammers who take advantage of when the need to obtain quick money arises.

Possibilities of a credit with Credit Checker

Being in an Credit Checker file does not have to be a problem since, many times you get there by not paying a telephone bill, electricity, water or a temporary contract. There are times when an illness, the death of a loved one or a dismissal leads to the delay in paying some responsibilities, however food, bills are obligations that must continue to be paid and it can be increasingly difficult to solve this type of situations, although it is not impossible.

There are circumstances where temporary help is needed to deal with unforeseen situations and get out of financial trouble even when it appears on the delinquent list.

Advantages of loans with Credit Checker

This type of loan has several points in its favor , for example:

  • An amount of money can be accessed to make urgent payments .
  • In general, the entities that facilitate this type of credit do not ask what is the use that will be made of the resources. In any case, it is advisable to pay debts that you have with other entities in order to get out of the list of defaulters as soon as possible.
  • This type of loan is usually very fast , it usually takes less than 48 hours to inform whether the loan is granted or not.
  • One cannot fail to mention the simplicity with which this procedure is carried out, where the requested documentation is very easy to obtain. You do not have to justify the use or the reason for the request and the best of all is that there are different entities to access them.

Ways to get a loan with Credit Checker

It is easy, simple and safe to apply for loans with Credit Checker to solve those last minute payments and in different ways:

  1. Through fast online credits where you just have to fill out an application form and wait a few minutes for them to confirm acceptance.
  2. Through credit cards , cash withdrawing the money through an ATM or a transfer to the bank account, of course this as long as the card accepts the operation.
  3. With the help of online pawn shops , pawning jewelery, vehicles or other types of high-value goods which will be returned once the loan has been canceled within the established period,
  4. There is also the option of requesting loans with Credit Checker with mortgage guarantee. Unlike personal loans, where you do not have to have a guarantee to apply for this type of loan, it is necessary to offer a guarantee (many times they are usually a vehicle or home) and where you can only obtain up to 40% of the value of the mortgaged asset .

Keys not to fall into the hands of scammers

Unfortunately, some companies that offer financing plans do not comply with current legislation and take advantage of the economic situation of many companies and individuals when it is necessary to settle accounts quickly. Most of these private lenders conduct their operations through the Internet and scammers take advantage of this method to disguise themselves and impersonate legal companies, however, there are some characteristics that are very helpful in identifying possible scams:

  1. A reliable company is a member of the Spanish Association of Microloans (AEMIP), which guarantees that it complies with current legislation and is governed by the Code of Good Practices to guarantee client protection.
  2. We must be wary of those companies that request money transfers before signing the credit agreement.
  3. Through the Internet navigation bar you can check the digital certificate in order to know that the company is official and not a fraud (if the bar is green, it means that the page is secure).
  4. The address of the page must be HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), this is a guarantee that the web page is reliable.
  5. The padlock is an element in the browser bar that means that the connection is based on SSL technology, which prevents an observer from having access to the same network; This padlock indicates that there is an authority that certifies that the web portal is not false.

Financing is an essential tool for both companies and individuals. The liquidity obtained through loans can be used in different areas, whether to grow or expand a business, pay past due bills, solve unforeseen events or, why not, even to please a whim. Reasons as it is is that online companies have emerged that grant loans in a fast and agile way, without those complicated procedures and paperwork that banks require.

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