"A man with a new idea is crazy until he succeeds"

Mark Twain (1835-1910) American writer and journalist.

This is the story of an idea, more or less frowned upon but it was my idea.

SEattle Meditation was born in 2011.

In 2011 there was no crowdlending or crowdfunding and loans between individuals was a concept that was rarely used.

There was a major crisis in the financial sector and credit was very tight for companies and individuals.

The picture was very dark in general aspects.

But there were many people who were willing to lend their money to those people who needed it, loans between individuals were born.

Previously, the first pioneer company in P2P Lending was Comunitae , (today it has closed its services)

We started with our small start-up and our own initial capital.

We suffer everything that involves starting a start up on the Internet and what that entails.

Hiring programmers, SEO's, Blog, resources, we are going crazy, but we try with all our strength and in good faith.

At the beginning of history, individuals had the possibility to lend their money without problems.

We started to carry out our first operations in 2012/2013 with the first investors who trusted us.

I have to emphasize that on investor issues we have had no problem, neither finding them nor working with them.

The last few years have been complicated and I will explain why.

In the first place, the law to act as a lender and financial intermediary changes and they oblige intermediary companies and investors to register with the Ministry of Consumption and take out Civil Liability Insurance.

This, which at first seemed a logical thing, had a hidden face, forcing individual investors to be professional investors.

To be professional investors, they had to register with the Treasury, pay self-employed workers and declare their quarters as an economic activity.

As a result, the new Crowdfunding or participatory financing law was a bitch.

Our SEattle Meditation Incorporated company stopped attracting private investors and only started working with companies specialized in Private Equity and professional investors .

Today SEattle Meditation is no longer a P2P platform, Crowdlending, Crowdfunding, Participatory financing or anything like that.

seattlemeditation.org is currently a blog for information and marketing of financial products through affiliation.

Dedicated to camcamuseros.

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