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A group of like-minded individuals have pooled their resources to
open a meditation center where the people of Seattle and the surrounding area
can relax, meditate and renew their energy completely free of charge. The new
Sahaja Meditation Center is located in the Northgate area at 12317 15th
Ave NE at NE 125th St. Practitioners of Sahaja Meditation are
able to experience the state of mental silence known as “thoughtless awareness”.
In thoughtless awareness, your mind is calmed and gradually emptied of all
distractions, excessive thoughts or negative feelings.  One can access the
subtle inner energy that resides within everyone. As this energy flows, it
imparts a healing and balancing effect on both our physical and mental health.

Trust-Bolack, an instructor at the new center says, “Sahaja Meditation is an experience.  It is not a belief
system, or a membership organization. It has really helped me to understand
myself, to face issues, and to both accept and improve myself. When you
meditate you get the power to see your problems and correct them, but you have
to want to correct them.  One of the most visible benefits is that a lot
of junk has cleared out of my life- fear, anger, stress.”

Speaking on why he and others offer to
teach classes for free he says, “We volunteer to give back to the
community.  Sahaja Meditation is a pleasure to experience and to offer to
others.  This meditation has done so much for us; it is our pleasure to
share it.  It actually gives us a lot of personal satisfaction when we see
how relaxed and happy people become after meditating.”

Sahaja meditation seems to do different things for different people, but each practicing meditator tells
his/her own tale with passion. Deepti Munjal, a software engineer at Microsoft,
tells of her experience with this meditation. “One evening when I left
home for meditation, I had such a severe headache I could barely drive.  I
went because I had a strong desire to meditate at the Crossroads Mall program
that night. In the beginning, I tried to meditate but couldn’t because of my
headache. After a while I felt a cool energy, like a little breeze flowing
through my hands and body, and then my headache completely vanished.  I
started smiling. When we got up from meditation, I felt completely refreshed as
if I had woken after a nice sleep. I thought, “Wow! This meditation is really

Maery DeWeese, mother of three, says “When I meditate regularly, I am aware that I’m not thinking about my past
issues or mistakes as much.  I feel free to just be myself and not worry
about others’ expectations of me. I notice that my children and husband are
more joyful and respectful towards me because I am calmer.”

Some teens in the area have also taken to Sahaja Meditation to relieve stress and live a more settled life. Leela
Trumbo, age 16, relates “It gives me a sense of security and a feeling of
belonging.  I always feel better when I meditate.  It relieves the
stress I pick-up at school, and improves my focus on my schoolwork.”
Mikhail Zogorski, age 17, says “Sahaja Meditation improves my performance in
sports because I can keep my attention completely on what I am doing without
being distracted by random thoughts like the results, or pressure from my
teammates. It really helps me focus.”

The beauty of this particular practice is that it is ultimately very individualized and tailor-made to each person’s
needs and desires. This is because our inner energy is our very own and as we
deepen our connection, it serves as both guide and companion. For many, Sahaja
Meditation becomes much more than just a temporary solution or quick

The classes themselves are conducted
in a peaceful environment; music is sometimes used to promote a calm atmosphere.
Meditations are guided by instructors and are designed to accommodate the
group. Affirmations, gestures and simple attention exercises are used to
enhance the experience. Individual assistance is always available, and students
are encouraged and empowered to meditate at home.

While the actual experience of
meditation forms the core of these sessions, there may also be discussions of
related topics.  There’s also plenty of opportunity to enjoy casual
conversations and share experiences with others. Sessions are designed to last
one hour, so that they are easy to fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

Sahaja Meditation is a non-profit
organization offering free meditation in more than 75 countries
worldwide.  For years up until now, classes have been offered in the
Seattle area by a core group of dedicated volunteers in libraries, community
rooms, schools, community festivals, businesses, and by special invitation.

Now, Sahaja Meditation has opened a center in the Northgate area.  They offer a variety of meditation programs
from beginner to advanced level as well as specialty courses such as meditation
for moms and babies, and classes given in Spanish and Russian, to name a
few.  All classes are free of charge and no pre-registration is required.
Everyone is welcome to explore the classes at their own pace.


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