If every day you want to find out about new trends in the financial market and the political and economic events that influence the main world economies, we invite you to read our reviews on ecommerce, cryptocurrencies and crowdlending markets , which are revolutionizing the rules of supply and demand, and how you can use this information to benefit your business.

New solutions in a new world

Online and private loans have the advantage of not asking for any endorsement or documents, or special procedures so that you receive the money in flexible and fast repayment terms. On the Internet you will find the new financial aid application tools to cover your personal needs and make investments in your company.

If you doubt the possibility of finding financial aid because your company is on the delinquency list, don't worry. Currently there are online portals, certified by legal financial entities, that grant mini credits and very fast loans so that you can attend an emergency in your organization or invest in a business that will allow you to overcome the dilemmas of your business.

You also have the possibility of starting a crowdlending campaign where you request a loan from several private investors who want to contribute money in exchange for a percentage of the profits of your company. In some portals of this type, they ask you to mortgage one of your assets as a guarantee, in order to protect all the parties that make the agreement online and in a reliable way.

In our valuations, we analyze the pros and cons of loans between individuals, which are tax-free, although they must be declared in the Public Treasury. If you decide to request one of these loans, you must establish in the contract before a notary the date of payment, the interest and the amount, which must be met by the lender.

First steps in search of success

As an entrepreneur of an SME or investor of a large capital company, you must have the most professional and updated advice on current financial strategies such as marketing, investing in electronic money, loans and buying and selling mortgages . We accompany you to make a diagnosis of your debt capacity, your growth objectives in the medium and long term and the payments and commitments to your creditors in order to advise you on each of the steps to overcome the crisis.

As well as, you must evaluate what are the State aid and private capital for self-employed workers, retirees and young entrepreneurs who want to establish their own business. If any of these is your scenario, we advise you on the legal requirements, the taxes you must pay and the procedures in search of your financial autonomy.

In addition to legal and economic knowledge, we accompany you at all times if you wish in the direction you want to undertake to pay your debts, invest and start again to achieve success and your credibility, sustained over time.

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