Legality plays a fundamental role in financial decision - making, because through its principles the rules are followed and met. Both concepts are closely related.

Legality are all those rules that must prevail over any financial product such as loans and credits . In the world of finance, ethical principles or ethical criteria are derived from an understanding of the social, business and personal function of finance.

When requesting any financial product, it is good for clients to be clear about all the information about legality and finances in order to feel safe in any aspect of their economy.

How to obtain information on the legality of financial products?

On many occasions when you want to face a financial project you are afraid of doing it because some aspects are unknown. Applying for financing goes far beyond asking for a loan (personal or business), and sometimes banks are not entirely willing to offer detailed information, support or advice on some products.

It is at this point where the need arises to go to other platforms to obtain and manage new investments, financing and loans . On the internet there are a considerable number of these platforms, dedicated to giving their clients not only the facility of requesting a quick credit or an urgent personal loan, but also offering support in the process . A reference of this type of platform is .

The financing model of online platforms: Crowdlending

The new online financing platforms are managed by experts in economics, legality and finance, investments, money and loans . Each of the requests is analyzed by these specialists, who act quickly in the assessment and approval of the credit.

Two of the great advantages of the platforms that offer quick loans is that they give clients high guarantees and excellent interest rates , whether they are urgent personal or business credit.

Customers will not feel overwhelmed before so many restrictions and conditions that private banking generally imposes.

The speed and professionalism with which online financing platforms act is due to the fact that they apply a model called Crowdlending , developed since the 90s with the intention of fair legal principles that allow the financing of small private projects and companies.

In the Crowdlending model, funds from individuals and investors who lend their money in exchange for receiving compensation or interest for the services provided are used, constituting an alternative that is practiced and widely spread not only in Spain, but also in other countries in Europe.

Why include Crowdlending in your investment portfolio?

The idea of ​​making an investment is to obtain a good return in return , to obtain positive returns on capital. Precisely the Crowdlending investment model has become popular precisely because it is highly compensatory, beneficial and profitable.

If the legality and financial aspects of the Crowdlending model are unknown, there will always be professional financial advisors and platforms in which an investor who requests support will obtain it.

Some of the advantages offered by investing through the Crowdlending model are:

Financial security Interest rates are pre-set in the Crowdlending model, especially business financing, due to the low level of delinquency.

Good profitability . Even superior to most investment products that are traditionally known; for example, in Spain the averages are from 5% to 7? annual average. This model is not related or linked to any index, economic event, country condition, adverse economic circumstances or any other financial anomaly of the traditional economic markets that could affect it as it happens with the Stock Market.

Support for the country's economy . Investing in Crowdlending means supporting the real economy without the application of speculative “weapons or methods”. This model helps in the creation of employment and wealth in Spain and in several countries; It also has an implicit act of participatory democracy with which the Spanish investor community can collaborate by lending their money to collaborate with the smooth running of the country's companies.

Loans, credits and online financing

Nowadays, thanks to the emergence of new financing entities , it is possible to request and obtain fast loans online , without having to carry out long procedures or strenuous paperwork.

Applying for a quick personal loan or personal credit online is quite simple. All you have to do is fill in the form and wait for the response from the financial platform, which will immediately deposit the money requested in the bank account number that has been given in the request.

This type of financial product is developed under absolute legality and every day there are more demands from individuals, but requests from companies have also increased, which are not asked to present many supporting documents such as contracts or payroll.

The funders of these credits and loans do not condition the granting of the product by age, or by the situation, location or profession of the client. Applicants can always access this type of financial product in a transparent way and with the advantage that the interests are much lower than in a traditional bank.

Problems and unforeseen events can occur at any time and when least imagined: a breakdown in the car, a failure in any electrical appliance or the heating, paying outstanding debts or because you want to realize an illusion for a long time or take a trip on vacation .

Nowadays time is money for everyone, that is why these financing products are obtained just by having access to a website specialized in fast online loans . The request can be made from a computer or mobile device. This type of method is adapted to the circumstances of each client and is the best solution for those difficult situations that can be presented to everyone.

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