Making an investment is not something to be taken lightly. Many people take the time to organize their investment plan well. In many cases, it is necessary to take into account what are the risks, the possible errors and also what are the advantages and benefits that can result from this business.

We know that it can be a bit difficult to make all of these predictions. That is why in this section we are going to expose all those aspects and characteristics of a successful investment, so that our users can have access to valuable information to move forward with their projects.

Profitable investments

All the people who are interested in investing in some good or business, worry that their investments are totally profitable. In this case, it is necessary to meet an ideal profile to be the perfect candidate as an investor . In this profile, some requirements must be met, such as having a specialized profession, preferably as an accountant or economist, proper money management and some knowledge to understand the investment cycles and process .

But any particular person can have the opportunity to make a profitable investment, for that there are very conventional methods that can benefit them, in addition, if these people choose to complement their preparation with some of the articles described here, they can be safer and ready to proceed. with your goal.

Investment variables

Before proceeding with any significant movement of capital, it is necessary to understand what are the variables and characteristics that can occur in the investment of individuals. They can be governed according to the amount of capital, they are conditioned as follows:

  • Profitability : The investment can have an expected return, which can be positive or negative.
  • Risks : Risk usually causes a lot of uncertainty, since it is not something that can be measured. However, some estimates can be made based on ability to pay.
  • Period : It is the time during which the investment will be maintained, and it can be short, medium or long term.

Our goals for successful investment

On the other hand, we have a series of objectives that will help our users to have a more secure and profitable investment over time . We specialize in loans between individuals and private equity investment, we have extensive experience in the sector and we offer the best advice to achieve the right investments, regardless of whether they are financial or real estate. The objectives are divided into the following:

1) Achieve specialization : Although this is an objective that we have achieved for some time, we always focus on updating all the knowledge and information that we can collect, so that our users are aware of all those legalities and taxation that are essential to carry out a suitable investment project.

In this way, we also believe that it is necessary to understand this area in depth to have the best solutions for each case at hand. Likewise, we can also segment them correctly according to the different variables of the investment, this is what has given us the title of experts in the market.

2) Achieve correct money management : Another of our main objectives is to ensure that our users can have a correct management of their money. In this section we will offer several systems so that the individual can have capital control when making their financial investments.

Some of these methods include tutorials in which we guarantee complete support of investors, to suggest what may be their best investment options and the possible risks that may exist. In this way, we can guarantee that the administration of that money will not be reflected in losses.

3) Inform each of the investment cycles. Finally, it seems imperative that each individual can properly control their money with specialized reports in each of the investment stages and cycles. With these reports the investor will have at hand a history of all the movements and operations of the investment .

Also, these documents can offer the person a broader vision of what their investments can look like in the future. That is, what are those promising results and is it worth continuing to invest.

Investment classification

In this section we also gave ourselves the freedom to make some articles that may be useful for users, depending on the type of investment they wish to carry out, the most general are the following:

  • Short-term investments : This type of transaction is carried out temporarily, its purpose is to generate some excess income in less than a year.
  • Long-term investments : The objective of this investment is to ensure that the additional income occurs momentarily, over a year or more.

Investment in loans

This is another of the methods in which we specialize, as it is currently one of the most profitable ways to invest. Previously, loans were an exclusive investment for banks, as well as for other organizations that define themselves as lenders. However, thanks to financial technological advances, other methods such as P2P networks have been developed , where natural persons are able to lend their money through different alternatives, some of them are well known, such as crowdfunding and crowdlending. .

In this section you will also find a lot of information about these most effective business methods to invest in loans , but above all, what is the correct procedure for it. In our platform it is important to calculate the return on the investment made in loans, especially when they have a fixed term, it is also necessary to recognize what the specific interests are, it is essential that the user can find all the necessary conditions for the loans in our platform, so you can know all those possibilities and future earnings with different methods.

We also offer advice and support, so the loans from individuals that our users will carry out may be adequate and very convenient, for this we use three formulas:

  • Capital and interest : This formula concentrates the return of certain amounts of money in small parts over a 5 to 7 year term. Interest and capital are usually received in monthly installments and financing can reach up to 25,000 euros.
  • Interest in installments : In this option we have that the investor may receive the interest in monthly installments, while the capital will be liquidated at the end of the loan contract.
  • Single annual payment : In this case the settlement is made in full in a single annual installment, this will be made at the end of the contract.

Security in P2P investments

In our platform we also make sure that the investments of our users are totally safe and guaranteed. To do this, we rely on a real guarantee where the value of the investments will be protected, this can be carried out through mortgage laws through the contribution of an appraisal. For this we rely on the approved appraisals of the Bank of Spain to offer a real value to the guarantee, necessary in cases that need to carry out a foreclosure.

Our idea is to minimize risks through a home equity guarantee. The immersion process is guaranteed according to a maximum 30% of its appraised value. Some of the guarantees we offer on our platform are: Family homes, chalets, houses, premises, buildings, among others.

Likewise, each of the loan investments are guaranteed before a notary public. This legalizes the business and the situation of both parties. In this process we can support our users with the help of a manager. He will carry out all these formalities. In addition, the notarial expenses, taxes and registrations will be provided at the time of continuing with the investment.

Without further ado, we hope that the information presented here can be of help to all our users who wish to start a new investment business , so they will have the confidence to proceed without fear.

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