Creditea: Review and opinions

As a client, you should be interested in having a safe, legal and effective platform to request the credits you need, without paperwork or delays. Next, we present the steps to obtain personal loans at affordable prices, from the comfort of the online system, just a few clicks.

Online loans with Creditea

In life there are different contingencies and emergencies, be it health or extra payments. To correct them, online credits are available for workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, housewives or retirees, who need to meet an urgent expense . For greater peace of mind for lenders, the fees and repayment terms are more flexible than those imposed by banks. It is for this reason that the use of these online financing mechanisms is more and more frequent.

After registering on the official Creditea page , request the amount, in which the monthly interest and the annual APR reference will immediately appear, so that you know exactly what is the amount of the installment that you must return and in what terms.

The APR refers to the total cost of the loan, calculated as an annual percentage of the loan amount, in compliance with Law 16/2011 on Consumer Credit Contracts . Among the advantages that this type of credit guarantees you are, amounts of up to 5,000 euros, low interest, no commissions (opening, management, cancellation) and the response of acceptance or disapproval in less than 1 minute.

The available credit line ranges from € 100 to € 5,000 , depending on your income and responsibility for meeting each installment. By returning them before the established time, the cancellation interest is exonerated and new possibilities are opened for the next loan.

Creditea: Review and opinions
Creditea: Review and opinions

More accessible conditions

The repayment terms offer the flexibility of up to 36 months, although if you pay before, you can enjoy the advantage of using the same amount for the other credit. As for the requirements, it is essential that you are of legal age and have a demonstrable monthly income.

The best thing about the process is the speed of the response. A few minutes after the request, you will receive the notification via SMS, phone call or email, to inform you about the approval or rejection of the process. Only in exceptional cases, the user is asked for another document to verify the information provided.

After approval, you can receive the money in the next 15 minutes . However, depending on the availability of the banks, this transfer can take between 24 or 48 hours . In case of holidays, the money is received on the most immediate business day.

If in your case, problems have arisen to pay in the established period, you will be given a month of respite, as a sign of the confidence of this company towards its clients.

Benefits of requesting credits online

Thanks to the automation and the algorithms of the system, in the digital age you will have the following advantages, compared to the analog processing of loans in banks.

  • From any device connected to the Internet, in less than 5 minutes , you have the option of registering on the page and requesting the credit.
  • These pages are shielded with data encryption mechanisms to prevent information theft and malware attacks.
  • Thanks to the admission of the legal electronic signature , you will no longer have to deliver a folder with several physical documents. Everything is through the digital system.
  • The advice is personalized. Without having to go anywhere, you can consult by phone, by email or in the online chat , any questions you may have regarding the process.
  • You are not obliged to contract other financial products such as credit cards, debit cards or checks.
  • Each phase complies with the legal parameters of Spanish law and the European Community . That is, feel confident that you do not risk fraud of any kind.
  • Disbursement is faster than traditional systems and lower interests are paid than those requested by banks.
  • Technical support works Monday through Sunday.

For your peace of mind, Creditea is a company from the Personal Finance Digital Spain product line, of the International Personal Finance PLC conglomerate, with an office in Madrid, Spain. Its activity is carried out in 14 countries and has delivered financial solutions to 2.8 million clients.

Without delay

Every month, you will receive a notification to your email or in the inbox of your mobile to remind you that the day to pay the fee is approaching, 7 days before ; as well as on that same date in order to avoid breaches due to forgetfulness.

If you are one of our clients who have activated the recurring payment function, the amount is automatically charged to your credit or debit card. With this service, you will enjoy greater increases in the credit limit.

Loan refinancing

People who are currently going through a critical financial moment, Creditea provides you with the possibility of refinancing credits, with a limit of up to 5,000 euros. For example, if you need € 1,000 , you will only have to pay monthly installments of € 38.38 . With a minimum APR of 24.90% and a maximum of 381.28%.

Special conditions

In case you need to change the date to pay in order to schedule it with the day on which the balance or pension is received, you can do it, but your installments will be calculated again. The first modification is free, but the next ones have a cost of 5 euros , each one.

In turn, it is possible to repay the loan, by delivering a higher amount in each installment, before its due date .

If you have fallen behind in an installment, you will receive a phone call, where you will be reminded of the amount of the debt, which you must respond as soon as possible. But, if the delay continues, you will have to meet other interests , as well as costs, previously established in the signed contract.

As a user, you will receive 7 days before the date of payments, the invoice to your email inbox. This is also found in the Personal Area of ​​the platform. In it, the amount of the minimum fee and the date must be registered.

It is worth noting that after complying with the debt, the credit line remains in force . Which means that you can request other loans when you need them. Until you make a withdrawal, you will not have to pay any type of commission or interest for being active in the system.

Reliable insurance

If you are looking for a more comprehensive financial product, which allows you to be calmer at home, this company offers you a reliable, efficient accident insurance , without paperwork, or delays. This service covers the expenses of hospitalization, permanent disability or death . Plus the advantage of enjoying the first month, for free.

Some people feel distrust of insurance companies, however, the inevitability of life causes an emergency to occur at any second . For example, a claim, the diagnosis of a disease, a bill suffered by one of the children, an embargo or death.

In these situations, it is important to have a reliable ally that guarantees coverage of these expenses , without having to live unpleasant moments such as refusal of medical service or having to borrow money from a relative. The advantages of being subscribed to health insurance are the following.

  • These situations tend to generate a lot of restlessness and uncertainty. It is better to have an ally who takes care of the bureaucratic procedures and expenses, so that you can dedicate yourself to directly attending to your family affected by the emergency.
  • Some insurances do not include post-operative or rehabilitation services . This sure does.
  • For more limited budgets , there are also coverages, in which you will only have to respond with € 4.95 per month.
  • Today this type of insurance has become a mattress or a savings alternative for those people who have lost their jobs or have been presented with other extra costs.

In the event of an injury or accident, follow these instructions.

  1. Visit the doctor immediately .
  2. Have the person in charge of accompanying you fill out the form available on the official website and notify the incident.
  3. The doctor or the closest relative is in the capacity to send the death certificate.

As you have observed, in the market there are different types of companies that provide loans online , without interest and with flexible repayment terms. However, you should carefully consult these offers, which in the end, can be misleading.

It is preferable to go only to the professionals and experts of Creditea , who will provide you with the money in a few minutes, with detailed information on the fees, interests and the term you have available to pay them, without information or hidden expenses.

At the same time, it gives you the option of contracting an efficient and reliable medical insurance, to protect your family, the most important thing.

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