Moneymas: Review and opinions

Today there are multiple options to apply for loans. However, only one of them guarantees you the most flexible conditions to request credits up to 5,000 euros with a guarantor, in less than 24 hours .

You can trust Moneymas for your immediate online transactions, without paperwork or opening or settlement fees . In case of having been rejected by traditional financial entities for being included in the Credit Checker list , request your procedure. In a few minutes, you will receive the answer through a personalized service.

Moneymas: Review and opinions
Moneymas: Review and opinions

How does Moneymas work?

This platform stands out for working with financial professionals who evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis and not through software or AI programs, which automatically reject you just for finding you in the delinquency records.

Its mechanism guarantees the return of the money without charge of commissions in advance or by commitment of permanence, since it is necessary to present a guarantor, who can be a friend or a relative , who is responsible in case of not being able to repay the credit.

It is worth noting that only the APR interest and commissions are charged in case of delay in the return.

The application process is carried out through the following steps:

  1. In the simulator on its official page, enter the amount and the return period.
  2. Write your personal data and attach the required documentation.
  3. Then your guarantor should do the same.
  4. They will call you by phone to verify the information.
  5. Professionals review your case.
  6. In less than 24 hours , you will receive the answer.
  7. Upon approval, the money will be deposited directly into the guarantor's account .

From the comfort of your home or office, you can request your credit and customize it according to your financial availability.

Characteristics of Moneymas credits

In general terms, this company integrates the advantage of the traditional system in its amount values, but with the practicality and flexibility of online mini-credits . Moneymas stands out from its competitors for its exclusive services.

  • Their amounts are among the highest in the online market. They go up to € 8,000 to return in 60 months.
  • It guarantees that its clients obtain the loan, even if they are considered delinquent by banks and other companies, since it starts from the trust in the user , to whom it provides the best conditions to return the time within the established deadlines.
  • Users who at some point know that they cannot afford the debt have the option of requesting its cancellation in advance , with certain conditions. In this way, you will avoid falling into an unpayable debt due to high interest rates. This service does not include an extra cost.
  • The extensions are also other wild cards, provided by this lender in case you find yourself in a temporary difficulty to meet one of the installments.

As you have observed, this type of credit has become a financial solution for users who do not comply with the profile of banks, but who are responsible for meeting their payments.

Opinions about Moneymas

In the online financing system, this company from Alicante Spain has earned its excellent reputation thanks to the trust towards its clients, demonstrated by offering loans between € 2,000 and € 8,000 , in terms from 12 to 60 months, with flexible conditions for the return on time.

This mechanism makes users loyal because they can request more loans, at any time when they need it.

In turn, its particular mechanism for managing with your guarantor guarantees transparency throughout the process and trust between the parties involved. So all the conditions are in place to receive the money and pay it on time, without scams or deception .

Regarding the issue of security, Moneymas is shielded with big data encryption systems, which safeguards the identity and personal data of its clients with the maximum protection against computer crimes.

Requirements to apply for the loan

Thanks to its automated online registration system, verification is fast, while still being thorough. For this reason, the documentation that you must submit is very little compared to that requested by banks and their competitors.

  • Available to citizens over 18 and under 75 .
  • The guarantor must have a bank account.
  • Digitize the DNI or NIE in case of being a foreigner residing in Spain.
  • Enter the phone number , through which you will be contacted for the interview, which will only require a few minutes.
  • Documentation of the guarantee, depending on the type of credit requested.

What happens when there are delays?

Some out-of-budget expenses cause users to take longer to meet a quota. It is understandable that this happens. However, lenders must get their money back because that is their business . In the case of Moneymas, professionals send a first notification via sms when the initial delay is generated.

If this persists, an email is sent to quickly resolve the debt . But if the problem continues, the interests and commissions increase, so its professionals are authorized to contact the guarantor by phone, who previously agreed to assume the debt in the event of default by the holder.

Despite the inconvenience of this type of situation, today there are legal mechanisms from fines, administrative or judicial measures to collect debts. These types of actions are exceptional because most clients fulfill their responsibility in search of a positive reputation and the possibility of reapplying for another loan .

What steps to complete to receive the loan?

When you visit the official page, the system will ask you for the value of the amount and the installments with which you must repay the loan. By default, the option of 5,000 euros will appear, to pay it in 60 months with a monthly fee of € 197.66 . But in your case, you can customize your credit and the way to return it in very flexible conditions .

Next, they will ask you the reason for your request, which may be for different reasons such as business, university enrollment or travel. Below, the personal data that you must enter and the number of your DNI or NIE appear.

It is worth noting that the veracity of this information will be evaluated by experts, so if you want to receive the money, take care of each of the details of the information, especially the email and the telephone number .

Then the address of the company you work for is requested. In case of being unemployed or retired, this condition does not exclude you from approval . Although it is mandatory to show that you can take care of the debt, with the guarantee of a guarantor.

At the end of the form, you will be asked to read and accept the terms, conditions and security policy of Moneymas. When making the shipment, you will have to wait within 2 4 hours for the call to your phone, where you will have to answer some questions. Finally, you will be notified if the credit has been approved or not.

Advantages that only Moneymas offers you

First, this service can be compared to other online loan systems on the market. Although, it differs in providing higher value options to its clients than other microcredit companies.

As well as, it stands out for asking a guarantor as a guarantee. Despite the fact that some users see this condition as a negative aspect, this mechanism allows this company to ensure the timely return of their fees. This creates an environment of greater trust between the parties involved.

This system is backed by financial entities regulated by the Spanish government and the EC. For more information, consult the telephone numbers and online chat of your technical support , at any time of the day.

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