Gedescoche: Review and opinions

Getting money immediately is the most common need of all people. In general, we are used to traditional methods, either through banks or other companies. These requests are preceded by a series of in-depth diagnoses, such as verification of work history, availability for reimbursement or other factors.

In this section we will see a new and different alternative that has been created to obtain money , called Gedescoche. We will review what it consists of and the main impressions received from this financial mechanism.

Gedescoche: Review and opinions
Gedescoche: Review and opinions

Definition of Gedescoche

Throughout history, we have visualized the well-known pawn shops, whose main purpose is to lend money as an exchange, for this it is necessary to leave an object as collateral. Gedescoche offers the car pawn service , the question is: What is that about? It is very simple, we explain.

This financial branch provides a special service that grants capital based on the value of your car , with the additional benefit that you can use it while the amount received is being returned, as long as you agree to comply with the fixed installments as if it were A rental.

It is important to note that this organization has been a pioneer for almost three decades and has numerous customer service units.

Aspects to evaluate

In most cases, the success of any negotiation depends on thoroughly reviewing the pros and cons. Given the need for considerable sums of money, it is indisputable to be clear about this type of loan .

After making the transaction, the car will no longer be in your name , it is as if you had sold it and now you cancel a rental for using it, although you can recover it once you refund the amount received. The time to return it is decided by the client, however, if ultimately you cannot return it, Gedescoche seizes the car with all legality, this is an imminent danger that you should not rule out.

Failure to comply with the cancellation of the fees causes consequences related to the retention of the vehicle, so you will not be able to use it. In extreme cases, the new owner has it, in this sense punctuality and responsibility are essential .

Significant benefits

While the risk is high, the benefits outweigh it. Some positive elements are related to receiving significant amounts in just hours and continuing to drive it. Likewise, Gedescoche admits users even if they are included in the Rai, Experian or Credit Checker databases.

Contrary to other types of loans, applications do not have to present monthly income certifications, since the guarantee is the car itself.

The most substantial benefit is linked to the recovery of title , which is achieved once you cancel it. It has served as a guarantee to receive that money that you needed so much, while you have recovered your precious asset.

Main impressions about Gedescoche

Many users have received with satisfaction the service that Gedescoche offers. It is a consolidated company with extensive experience in the financial field, it gives its users the possibilities of obtaining cash in a practical and safe way , which is why it is a pioneer and recommended in its category.

Favorable comments attest that the entity delivers on what it promises . It is characterized by offering the highest rates in the market after the analysis of the requested criteria, finally the money is delivered on time.

On the other hand, the existence of numerous offices facilitates the management of transactions and the reception of personalized services. The full refund of the amount received translates into the effective recovery of the vehicle and return of ownership to the original owner.

Process to access financing

The process is very easy, fast, safe and above all comfortable. The main actions to follow are listed below:

  • Complete the application form and attach the following documents :
    • Photostatic copy of the national identity document.
    • Permission to transit and technical sheet of the car.
    • Sheet of the technical inspection of vehicles.
    • Road tax per day.
  • After 24 hours, the value of the car is estimated , the figure to be awarded almost always corresponds to 50% of the appraisal or a maximum of up to € 10,000.
  • If the parties agree, the contract is signed before the notary .
  • In the next few hours, the money is transferred to the requesting user's bank account .
  • Monthly cancellation fees are set .
  • To regain ownership, you must pay the full installment of the loan, without additional interest .

Essential requirements

To access this type of financing, Gedescoche has established these mandatory conditions :

  • The average age of the vehicle ranges between 7 and 10 years.
  • Cases with domain reservations are discarded .
  • The request will be received exclusively by the owners .
  • The place of residence is a predominant factor for the award, certain zones do not apply .
  • Current taxes .

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