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Its objective is to offer a direct and responsible solution to financial problems . Its service is based on the advice of those clients who need an urgent loan through a free, simple and secure system. This is , the ideal tool in the search for online credits that meets financial needs.

Keep reading and do not lose detail, here I present some opinions and characteristics of this important credit company without guarantees, without queues, and without any type of paperwork. Review and opinions Review and opinions

The best option in personal loans

Solcredito has become, since 2011, the best financial friend of users, thanks to its support when looking for the best offers of fast, personal and mini-credits online in Spain.

It has a record of more than 900,000 immediate loans granted, more than 500 million euros loaned and 99.10% of fully satisfied customers. The characteristics that most stand out this company are:

  • Flexible service. The client only has to create an account on the platform, log in, select the value of the loan and the term to return it. You have the option of demanding up to an amount of 1,000 euros to be returned within 30 days.
  • Personal loans are granted up to the amount of 10,000 euros in 60 months.
  • High technology. It has an optimized method that searches immediately, discreetly and safely for the fastest loans.
  • Save of time and money. Its system conducts an investigation in the most reliable financial entities to offer the best offer. It also has a totally online process without endorsement, without queues and without paperwork .
  • Provides effective response in maximum 15 minutes.
  • No additional costs. This platform has the quality of verifying the cost of the mini-credit requested by the client before it is validated.
  • Best of all, you can access it through any device.

How does it work?

Solcredito works thanks to the support of the most important financial institutions in the market in order to satisfy the needs of fast money from 500 euros in conjunction with Dineo. In addition, it also has the collaboration of lenders such as Vivus and the most intelligent comparison of auto and home loans Finzmo.

In addition to receiving money quickly and reliably, clients have the option of increasing their personal credits progressively until they reach 3,000 euros.

How to return the money?

This process is very simple. The user can make the return of the money loaned through the payment by cashier in the bank account that is indicated, direct transfer, credit or debit card. It is recommended to make the payment on the established date in order to avoid future surcharges and preserve the credit history.

Likewise, the user must read in detail the obligations of the chosen lender before confirming the request. The objective is to avoid falling into default and being registered as defaulters in the Financial Credit Institutions.

It is important to bear in mind that receiving a loan means a responsibility to meet the payments on time according to the previously established deadlines.

Requirements to request credits

Money is no longer a concern. In this platform, clients have absolute control of unforeseen events. To make your loan application on this platform you just have to:

  • Be between 18 to 80 years of age.
  • Have an account in a bank in Spain.
  • Have a Spanish residence.
  • Applicant's personal data.
  • Address.
  • DNI / NIE.
  • Postal Code.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Email.

Opinions about

Clients have been fully satisfied with the speed and efficiency of the service, as well as the advice received throughout the process of requesting the money until financial expectations have been met. Once again they value the responsiveness of this credit company that has contributed to the coverage of important expenses such as payment of university fees, home renovations, vehicle reviews and the best solution to unforeseen issues.

Reliability, security and rapid response is what many consumers describe this financial service. They have also recognized the great business commitment they have towards their clients. Without a doubt, it is the best online solution in the event of unforeseen events caused by urgent liquidity problems.

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