When it comes to taking care of your business investments, we are the right company to take care of or offer you credits and loans from reliable companies , which will help you start and grow progressively with payment terms and installments adapted to the needs of the market.

How do I get the capital I need?

We offer you a cabinet of legal and financial professionals who fully advise you on laws, investment and accounting to make a smart investment and take safe steps towards the growth of the company. In addition to the loan processing, we advise you in the process because a timely decision is the difference between surviving in the market or being the leader.

Depending on your real needs, such as money for the purchase, for example, of a loading equipment for the factory, accounting software or the sale of the vehicle fleet, we accompany you in each of the steps so that you find the partners and investors to open the doors to the future, from the moment you sign with us.

Years of experience allow us to study each case in depth and with the time necessary to detect why the bank has rejected your credits or loans. Generally, this occurs because your accounting information does not match your tax data for various reasons, which the financial institution does not have time to analyze.

In our office, we evaluate the lawyers and financial advisers, your debt capacity, net earnings, the payment history of your company , in order to organize your accounts so that you can get the loan you need and respond to your commitments.

Online loans

Currently, there are several alternatives for loans to an individual present on the Internet with reliable platforms to finance legal entities that make loans with high interest rates, with the advantage of avoiding the cumbersome procedures required by banks and the traditional system.

Other mechanisms have also emerged, such as crowdfunding and real estate crowdlending , with which you get money (donations and loans) thanks to the money from various lenders with certain conditions.

When you need a consumer loan for the purchase of a smartphone, a television or the payment of a fee for your car, you request the loan from a private individual without having to present a guarantee , with the commitment to make the respective repayment within the agreed terms . If you default on one of these payments, the lender has the option of seeking a lien on your assets in court.

To avoid these risks, we advise you to apply for a mortgage loan with a guarantee, where they ask you to put some of your properties as a guarantee that you will meet the payment of the loan and the interest. We personally take care of complying with each of the procedures and signing the contract before the notary so that you obtain the financing you need.

Private capital

In case you have a history of default, banks and credit institutions close their doors to loans and aid.

To give you a quick answer, we look for loans from private investors who ask for a participation in the company, the business or the return of the money at high rates and terms that you need. Regardless of whether you are on the lists of defaulters such as CIRBE, RAI, EXPERIAN and Credit Checker .

As professionals, we offer you the most personalized solution tailored to your real needs when searching the traditional credit system or crowdlending sites, to get the resources and, once again, regain control of your company, comply with your payment agreements and make the appropriate investments to grow strategically and meet your medium or long-term objectives.

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