Consult the Spanish constitutions from 1812 to 1978.

"Spain is constituted in a social and democratic State of Law that advocates freedom , justice , equality and political pluralism as superior values ​​of its legal system " Thus begins the first article of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 .

We have already provided a link to the website on our Twitter account where you can consult the Spanish constitutions: from 1812 to 1978.

This website has been created to commemorate the Day of the Spanish Constitution and has been carried out thanks to the Ministry of the Presidency, the Congress of Deputies, the CEPC, Consortium for the Commemoration of the II Centenary of the Constitution of 1812, the University from Cádiz, RTVE and Google.

These documents can be downloaded in PDF and contain various details of interest. You can get more information on the website of "Your constitutions" or Google Spain

Source: Google Spain

Image: Web "Your constitutions"