Greece from cradle of civilization to crisis test bed

greece crisis
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I have been seeing a really curious case for a long time and as the saying goes when you see your neighbor's beard cut put yours to soak, I'm talking about Greece.

The case of Greece is very worrying. Modern Greece has its origin in the civilization of ancient Greece, considered the cradle of modern civilization.

The new measure taken in the Hellenic country on the sale of products whose best-before date has expired is a clear sign that the crisis that is hitting Europe forces desperate measures to be taken. This measure that is taken may be that it is increasingly common in the affected countries.

Products with an expired date will be sold at a lower price and separated from the usual consumer products.

A new business appears on expired low cost of what in theory “cannot be eaten”. This, which in theory is presented as a logical and accepted measure, reflects the fact that for a long time it has been seen as people without resources access the storage rooms of supermarkets to collect the remains of this food and be able to survive.

This can present us with a new panorama of the under-cost business (below cost). In other words, to differentiate the edible from the inedible, shops or distributors specialized in selling this type of product will appear.

All these measures and their possible consequences always with the support of governments make us edible garbage. The truth is that the measures that are taken are really regrettable, it is always charged against the weak citizen and if we start to remember our history, the people always suffer and the governments persist, leaders will appear to save the country and popular uprisings.

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