A fake private lender arrested for scamming via the internet in Valencia

The search for private lenders on the web by people who need a loan that banks have told you can not often end badly if you do not know where to look. The same is what has recently happened in Spain according to the information transferred by the Civil Guard.

This is a much more complicated case than normal. Supposedly one person, the scammer, sought a personal loan because she needed private capital to pay off certain debts. This person contacted a lender who offered him a loan and, to save him management costs, led him to create a series of advertisements and a telephone line on an advertisement website where lenders of all kinds are advertised, with the data that he will tell you. A kind of way to defray these expenses.

The subject created the advertisements and, through them, cheated (allegedly always) € 1,110 for management expenses through an international bank to a person from Valencia.

The collaboration between the Provincial Brigade of Technological Crimes of the National Police of Valencia and the Technological Crimes Team of Ávila (EDITE) has been the one that has led to the arrest of these suspected of committing fraud.

A fake private lender arrested for scamming via the internet in Valencia
Fake private lenders who scam via the internet

Recommendations for requesting a loan between individuals

For this type of thing, we always recommend being careful when looking for private lenders. We have to bear in mind that simply the need to request a loan of this type indicates that we have a certain urgency or despair, since it is option B after the banks, and using it usually entails implicitly acknowledging that they have denied us option A. Therefore we are more susceptible to being scammed. We have a complete guide to loans between individuals in which we explain in detail what

It is important to use platforms that offer trust. Secure websites, with https protocol where our data is encrypted between our browsers and the server and vice versa, search for opinions on the internet of the websites we use, etc. In addition, we must try to ask for all possible guarantees of the operation that we are going to carry out, and be very careful. Milanuncios-type websites where anyone can leave an ad without review are swarming with scammers who repeat the same ads over and over again, often through automated programs, taking advantage of the lack of verification by administrators, and can therefore be a danger when hiring. Putting the five senses in everything we do will guarantee us a much higher rate of success.

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