Simple registry note | everything you need to know

First of all we will explain what a simple registry note is . A simple registry note is a document that contains simple information about the identity of the owner of the property, characteristics of the property (situation, surface, built meters, boundaries, ...), all those charges, debts, encumbrances or rights to which it is subject and, in addition, any legal restrictions on the use of the farm.

Simple note composition

In detail, a simple note is structured as follows:

  1. Registry data of the farm . It is, perhaps, the most relevant part because it tells us the type of property. Here we can obtain data such as the qualification of the land, whether it is rustic or urban, surface data, location, boundaries and we can also find other information relevant to the use of the farm. In this section we will find the registration number ( IDUFIR or CRU).
  2. Information about the owner of the property . Here we will see the data of the owner or owners of the property, if it is joint or private, we will also see how the property is held in possession of the ownership (purchase, transfer, inheritance, ...). And other initially less relevant data such as the name of the notary who authorized the ownership.
  3. Charges, debts and liens . This is very important information as it tells us if the property may be, for example, subject to a mortgage or in cases it may include a rental or lease. We can also verify if this property has any legal limitation for its use. Finally, we can find information about debts, if any, for example, utility bills such as electricity, water or gas.
The Simple Registry Note
Where to request a simple note?

Where can I request a simple note?

We can request a simple note at the property registry office located in the town to which the farm or property belongs.

Another option is to request it online through the Internet.

How much does the simple note cost?

If we request it directly at the corresponding registry office, its cost is between 3 or 4 euros . Through the Internet it depends on the company from which we request it, it can range from 9 to 22 euros.

Details on the request of the notal simple by an agent on the Internet

If we carry out the procedure online, we should receive an official document in PDF format directly to our email. This document is digitally signed by the registrar that processes it, which has the same value as the on-site application.

An online procedure in any of the companies that offer this type of service usually takes between 24 to 48 business hours and they usually offer emergency services at special prices.

Who can request a simple note?

A simple note is a public document that cannot be avoided by anyone, it is enough to state what it is needed for. This legitimate interest can be, for example, the purchase of a house.

This right is protected by article 221 of the mortgage law.

Can you deny me the simple note?

The request can normally be denied because the data is wrong or incomplete. This usually happens in those cases where we do not know the owner's name or identification number and we only provide the registration data that may not coincide with which the property was registered.

Other reasons for requesting a simple note.

In order to complete the information we can also identify reasons, for example, that there is a legal investigation on the applicant's assets, when the investigation is on the ownership of the property and other procedures that correspond to company assets.

Although the simplest is, as we discussed earlier, the purchase intention.

When can I go to the registry to request the simple note or make a query?

To go to the registry it is not necessary to request an appointment as it is a very simple procedure. If what we need is a consultation, the use of e-mail is more and more widespread or we can also use the telephone where the registrars or administrative personnel can assist us. Only in cases where our query is somewhat more complex can we request an appointment with the registrar.

We must bear in mind that in the registry they can only inform us about the registration data of the property, but in no case is it their responsibility to advise them since this is the function of the notary.

What can I use a simple note for?
What can I use a simple note for?

What can I use a simple note for?

A simple note is an informative document that is normally used on a personal level to make a purchase decision or can be requested when contracting a mortgage, insurance or other types of services that need to verify that the property is free of problems. . It can also be requested by any administrative record, for example, the cadastre.

In no case is a simple note legal, so all the information you have must be certified so that we can use it in a legal case.

What information do I need to request the simple note?

We can request it using the registration data of the same or by the unique identification number (IDUFIR). Although the simplest way is simply requesting it through the name and surname of the holder or simply his NIF ( Tax identification number or National Identity Document).

When is the property information updated in the registry?

To answer this question, you must know the steps that the registration of a sale takes.

In the first place, the procedure is carried out at the notary's office to constitute the public deed of sale. Subsequently, the corresponding taxes must be paid, such as the tax on the transfer of wealth and the value added tax.

Finally, all this documentation must be presented in the property registry, which is normally carried out by the notary public, delivering a copy of the deed while it is being processed in the registry. Within a period of 15 days it will be registered and the original documentation is returned to the notary's office that delivers it to the owner.

How valid is a simple note?

The simple note is not a document that loses validity since it contains the registration information of the property on a certain date.

Although we must bear in mind that the requirements on the date of issuance of the simple note are different depending on what we want to use it for. In the case of the management of a mortgage loan, the appraiser can request it, generally, with a date no earlier than 3 months.

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