Get a high profitability with your investment

Today, when saving costs us a great effort, we all want to obtain the best return for our money and we all know that the profitability that banks offer us is not much.

That is why SEattle Meditation is a very good option to invest your money safely and obtain a great return. In addition, the investments do not have to be very large amounts, so the small saver also has the opportunity to benefit from this option through the multipurpose option.

An investment with high returns is SEattle Meditation's best cover letter. Greater profitability for your money than what you get in your bank. You choose the amount, the interest and the term of the return on your investment (ROI).

What will you find in SEattle Meditation?

  • Loans to individuals who provide properties as collateral
  • Free secured maximum 35% of appraised value Market
  • Individual or group investments from 8% annual return

Participate with other users of the platform and you will be able to benefit from the advantages of investing in Loans between Individuals with real guarantee because the entire investment procedure will be done in a public deed before a Notary Public. From that moment you will be the direct holder of your investment as if it were a bank.