How to use loans between individuals as an Economic Activity or Investment

If you are thinking of making loans between individuals, you must determine how you are going to carry them out as an economic activity or as simple investments.

Economic activity is called any process by which products, goods and services are acquired that cover our needs or profits are obtained.

That is why for most economic activities specific requirements are required, in addition to the general ones that affect all.

Among the general requirements would be the fiscal ones, registering with the IAE, paying the VAT quarterly, etc ...

Specific requirements could include knowledge, experience or qualification

For example, to fix a car you need a mechanical title, to represent a third party in a trial a title of law and thus in the different existing trades.

Requirements are also required not only of the person who performs the product or service, but also of the fact. An example could be domestic service. In this case, the workers are not required requirements, but the worker is required to be registered with social security. You can buy and sell an apartment without neither buyer nor seller being Real Estate Agents, but the deed must be done before a notary.

Now, these requirements are only required in the event that we offer something to third parties, but they are not required for everything we do for ourselves. For example:

* We all have the right to be cooks in our home, without having a food handler's license, but you do have to have it to serve food in public
* We all have the right to clean our teeth without having to go to the dentist, but to clean the teeth of others, you have to be a dentist
* We all have the right to invest our money in the stock market, but to invest other people's money, we must register as a managing entity
* We all have the right to cut our hair ourselves with a machine, but if you want to cut your hair locally under your house you have to register with the IAE as hairdressers
* Etc…

The same principles can be applied to loans between individuals :

In Spain we all have the right to lend our money, but to lend the money of others, we must register as a financial institution and declare our economic activity .

That is, an individual who has € 30,000 saved can lend them to another individual (or company). And someone who needs money can borrow it from an individual. What an individual cannot do is ask for money from an individual offering to return it to an agreed percentage, for example at 5% and then lend it to another individual at 10%. That would be a disguised economic activity and would not be allowed, unless you meet the general requirements of a financial institution, credit or investment

At, the individuals who lend their money are the ones who negotiate its price and where they place their investment. An individual will lend money to another individual directly and with an interest and term equal to the bank with the only difference that it is the individual lender who actually earns more for his money and not a financial institution that benefits for his money.

And of course, we must do it with guarantees and payment security . The bank requires guarantees and with it we must sign a contract with clauses that guarantee collection. It is not about leaving money to the first person, if we want to benefit from communications, information and the advantages offered by a platform for loans between individuals with mortgage guarantee such as SEattle Meditation, we must meet the requirements that are requested on the web to be able to provide our money. In this way our loan investment product between individuals will be guaranteed