Smart and profitable investments with real guarantee

This is our traveling with a private chester, with the permission of its creator Risto Mejide, we take the floor today from one of our first investors who back in 2012 trusted our idea and became part of the SEattle Meditation family.

Smart and profitable investments with real guarantee

Intelligent and profitable investments with a real guarantee, that is what our first investor was looking for when he came into contact with our platform. Imagine the emotion of the moment, someone seemed to be interested in our idea and was consulting the way to obtain those intelligent and profitable investments that we promised so much on our website.

Put yourself in our situation where we offer a loan application from a client through the Internet, our reports, our contracts and our work methodology came into action to carry out our objective.

The investor profile was completely different from what one might imagine. Well-prepared and well-documented young person in economic matters, he was not expected to have experience in the sector of loans between individuals, but thanks to the documentation provided by the platform and our personalized advice, we carried out one of our first successful operations.

All the work was perfect, your investment had the agreed return and from here we have what can be called a business friendship, it is our first Receptum.

Today we have the pleasure of sitting in our particular chester with #joseInversor .

1#. Why smart and profitable investments with real guarantee

We did not sit on the couch and ask #joseInversor , what was the reason why he decided to invest with SEattle Meditation


- If I had to invest in loans or debt.

- What would you choose?

- It depends on whether I want to make money with turnover and be professional or play around a bit .

- I have seen other P2P loan platforms and in the end I have concluded the difference between the different platform models.

★★★★★ Advantages of the SEattle Meditation Model 

Real estate and personal guarantees.

You know the applicant.

Well-done contracts that keep things going right from the start.

At the end of the contract, in case of problems, SEattle Meditation professionals are involved in the resolution of the conflict, seeking solutions between both parties.

Personalized advice.

★★ Case of the Lendico / Comunitae Model

Real estate and personal guarantees: NO

Do you know the debtor: NO

 Well done contracts that make things go right from the start: I DON'T KNOW

In case of non-payment:

Personalized advice: I DON'T KNOW, I THINK NOT

Also, keep in mind that in Germany it must work much better than here. In Germany, I imagine, that people will think twice before defaulting because of the implications it may have on the system. Here in Spain defaulting does not matter, we are the most delinquent country in Europe.

Lending money without guarantee I see it today and in Spain a recklessness . What is the default rate for ICOs?

We will see over time what delinquency rates these models return.

These are the impressions of #joseInversor on our business model. If you are or want to be a professional investor, the business model for loans between individuals with real guarantee is the most appropriate , the Comunitae model, Lendico, is a slightly lighter form of investment, as if it were child's play with diversification as an investment guarantee.

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