Safe investments

The main objective for an investment project is not to make mistakes, this objective activates our fears and leads us to the search for security.

The product of joining, investment + zero errors + fears , offers as a result the theory of safe investments .

safe investments

Information and advice is essential to make safe and profitable investments


Surely if you are interested in making profitable investments , you will have a specialized professional profile, with good management of your money and a great ability to see and understand investment cycles.

If your objectives are financial, real estate, short or long-term investments, our platform offers its specialization in the sector of loans between individuals or private equity investments .

Therefore we have achieved our first objective -specialization-, we carry out all the necessary acts to obtain all the necessary information to achieve said specialization, we are "experts" in our work.

The next objective, the management of your money, as a platform we offer a system in which only you will have control over the capital, using our -How know-, in the execution of your financial investments.

Finally, the investment cycles will be controlled by specialized reports (real estate appraisals), which will offer you a global vision of the future of your investments.

At SEattle Meditation as a platform for loans between individuals, P2P lending and private capital , we offer our clients the possibility of making profitable and safe investments.


Currently of all the forms of investment that are used, one of the most profitable when investing our money is the loan.

From the appearance of the first business models to the present day, lending money has become a business "exclusive to banks", parallel to them there have always been people who either individually or in groups offer their money as lenders .

Internet, social networks and the appearance of new exchange methods such as P2P networks , have led to the business model of lending money between people -also known as crowdfunding, crowdlending or P2P lending-, to offer a new alternative to people to when investing your money.

Everyone knows that banks make money "by lending our money",

Why don't we get involved in the business?


When we offer you participation as an investor in our platform, we have an obligation to offer you security .

In order to offer this, we do not have a crystal ball, nor do we go to a seer with a high percentage of success, we simply offer our investors the possibility of having a real mortgage guarantee .

A real guarantee will initially guarantee the investment process, with said guarantee being affected by a maximum 30% of its appraisal / market value.

The types of guarantees that can be found on our platform are the following:

► Single-family homes

► Houses

► Chalets

► Buildings

► Commercial premises

► Industrial Warehouses

The information provided on the platform about the guarantees and our personalized advice, allows you to have a clear vision of the product as well as the risk involved in the investment.


The financial investments that are made in loans between people, have a term and interest determined by the lender.

As a user of our platform you set the conditions you want for your money , and our advisers will inform you of the possibilities of your investment.

But as good businessmen that we are, there must be a moment in which our investment makes its return.

There are three formulas in our platform for the return of your money:


This is the formula that can be determined for small amounts that can be financed for 5,6,7 years. The amounts to be financed do not usually exceed € 25,000 of investment and the money is received in monthly installments.


In this formula, the investor receives the total interest to be received in monthly installments , leaving the total liquidation of the capital when the applicant resolves the loan contract.


In this formula, the investor receives the total interest in a single installment , leaving the total liquidation of the capital when the applicant resolves the loan contract.


When it is mentioned that the information is essential when making a financial investment, if you work on a platform that requires real guarantees, it is essential to know the current value and its state of conservation.

In order to offer this information, we go to carry out an official appraisal by a company approved by the Bank of Spain, complying with current Mortgage Law regulations.

This report will give us in great detail, the real value and the state of conservation offering a real vision about the destination of our money.

Parallel to obtaining a knowledge of the market value, obtaining a simple updated registry note of the guarantees provided, will give us detailed information on the ownership and status of your charges (such as knowing the debts that exist on a property ).

The property deed, the cadastral data, the IBI receipt, are another series of documents that allows us to have all the necessary information to value our investment.

All this information will be provided by the platform together with a detailed report assessing the quality of the guarantees provided, for the study and personal assessment of the interested party, facilitating safe investments.


All investments made on the platform are guaranteed before a notary in a public act , in person or unilaterally, everything will depend on the situation of the parties involved and the facility that you want to offer.

All aspects such as notarial expenses, registrations and taxes are fully covered with the provision of expenses for said term.

Finally, a manager will carry out all the procedures to reach a successful conclusion with the management.

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