Etoro: Review and opinions

You have surely heard of eToro, one of the brokers with the most investors in the world. And it is no coincidence that this is the case, since investing in the platform is very easy.

This company operates in 140 countries and its popularity is due to the implementation of what its creators call Social Trading , a system in which users replicate the operations of experts in different economic markets. Simply, this investment tool consists of the exchange of information about the movements that the market has at a certain moment in order that those who operate obtain a monetary benefit as a result of business and investments.

Of course, Social Trading is just one of the ways to invest and make money with eToro. Below you will learn about the different alternatives offered by this company so that you can earn a good income .

Etoro: Review and opinions

Safety of trading with eToro

All of us, absolutely all of us who decide to invest our money are afraid of the scenario of a new business, feeling security in taking that first step is perhaps the most important point to start an enterprise.

So, looking for references, facts and opinions about a company is one of the actions that we must take into account to feel that security that we seek so much.

EToro is a company that has an incredible reputation and prestige . It adds up to today the extraordinary sum of more than 10 million users, which makes it a world reference for investment.

Since its inception, the company managed to obtain the license from the FCA. It also has the Australian Financial Services License (number 491139) granted by the Australian ASIC foundation.

Another positive aspect that guarantees that you make an investment in this broker is that it has a compensation fund to operate called the Investor Compensation Fund. This fund is a legal and tax obligation that covers investors' funds in the event of a bankruptcy that may occur, said fund would cover up to a maximum of 20,000 euros for each of the investors registered on the platform. It should be mentioned that for the British the protection is much higher, since according to the opinion of the FCA the amount of protection must be equal to 50,000 pounds sterling.

Simple and friendly

eToro is a user-friendly and very easy-to-use platform . It is available in ten languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Greek, Chinese and Arabic for the execution of operations. The process to get started in this broker is really very simple, you just have to complete the registration with your preferred email address and then verify the information that will reach you in that same email.

Getting started with eToro is very easy

If at the time of registering on the platform you do not feel completely confident to invest your money, do not worry, eToro gives you a credited account with the amount of $ 100,000 . With this sum you will be able to get started perfectly in any of the operations that the broker has so that little by little you will get to know the operation and the different ways of making investment.

Once you feel absolutely confident and have practiced with the virtual account, you will be ready to invest real money and, to start operating the platform requires a minimum contribution of $ 200, which you can invest as you like and criteria.

Financial transactions with eToro in addition to being simple and secure, are loaded with great immediacy and speed, this gives this market a tone of supremacy over other operators of the same type.

A trick to take the first step

Starting in 2010, eToro added a function to its platform that it called CopyTrading. This function is a space for social trading, which is nothing more than a business strategy that consists of users copying the transactions of other more experienced users.

Over time CopyTrading has become the most popular function of the broker, because it not only facilitates the entry of new users, but also allows those who do not have much experience to dare to invest following the steps of those who they have been in the market for some time.

It is good that you know that when you start to copy the transactions of other investors all the operations that you carry out from that moment on will be automatically replicated.

In other words, the CopyTrading function basically allows you to explore millions of traders , apart from the fact that you can consult the most relevant statistics, consult profits, success rates, categorize risk in a transparent way and choose who you want to circumscribe in your copy portfolio.

The function also allows you to check some additional factors, such as the investment strategy (short, medium and long term) and the types of assets. It is essential that you inform yourself well about all these programs

The CopyTrading feature has a rewards program called Popular Investors , which offers rewards to the best investors who get many "copiers". These users have attractive advantages for the mere fact of operating under this function. Some of the benefits are:

  • Total reductions in spreads.
  • Cash payments in the order of 2% of the assets traded.
  • Multiple ways to pay.

Multiple ways to pay

To be able to enter your first resources, eToro offers you a variety of options , however it is good that you bear in mind that the platform will only allow you to make operations in the American currency (dollars). Likewise, it will only allow you to open accounts in the same currency.

If the option you have to pay is not in US dollars, then you will be charged a commission for the transaction you want to make.

Regarding the existing methods or means to make money transfers are:

  • Credit card.
  • Debit.
  • Paypal.
  • Skrill.
  • Webmoney.
  • Neteller.
  • International Bank Transfer.

As we already mentioned, the minimum amount accepted is 200 dollars , this is the same for the 140 countries where you can operate with eToro. On the other hand, the maximum to invest without your account being verified is 2,000 dollars. For users in Israel, the minimum amount they must pay to get started on the platform is $ 10,000.

To make a withdrawal you can do it with a minimum of 50 dollars and you can only withdraw to an account that is in your name, this due to compliance with the policies against money laundering. Withdrawals can take up to eight business days.

Investment options

Within eToro we can view the following options to invest:

  • 13 stock market indices. These include Madrid, New York, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Oslo, Paris, Milan and Zurich.
  • Forty-seven pairs of the well-known Fiat currencies.
  • More than 1,300 shares on different exchanges around the world.
  • Six raw or basic materials.
  • Fourteen cryptocurrencies. It is worth mentioning that it is the platform that offers the most cryptocurrencies, among them one of the main ones is Bitcoin, apart from Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Stellar, NEO, EOS, BNB and YEC.

Offers and Bonuses on eToro

One of the attractions that eToro has above other recognized and regulated brokers by the European Union, are its incentive packages, well called offers and bonuses. To begin with, the platform offers us a virtual account with the sum of 100,000 dollars , which, although they are not real, will help you a lot to start practicing your operations. With this account we can gradually assess the functioning of the platform and how the different markets move so that when we have to invest we do it with greater security.

EToro reviews

@ bamba29: "Your personal and private information is extremely secure on eToro."

@ nightowl179: “eToro is a popular and very dynamic broker, it is very easy to manipulate and has a colossal offer of options to invest”.

@ 2BSmart: “What I liked the most is its Social Trading system since it is very enriching to learn about the stock and financial markets”.

@hiromiBR: "I consider that the commissions are quite high for users who have just entered, at least they do work for those who decide to invest above $ 500."

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