Cryptohopper: Review and Opinions

For those of us who are always looking for new alternatives to trade on the Internet and have access to increasingly intelligent financial solutions, we know that cryptocurrency trading robots are highly efficient products that can help us increase our profits when selling and buying virtual currencies. A very interesting option is Cryptohopper .

We know that there is not much truthful information about the digital platform on the Internet, that is why this time we will develop this complete review guide in Spanish to learn everything about this tool and why we should include it in our repertoire of trading instruments.

Cryptohopper: Review and Opinions
Cryptohopper: Review and Opinions

What is Cryptohopper and how does it work?

Basically Cryptohopper is a trading robot whose main function is to facilitate the development of crypto businesses. So that any merchant or anyone who wants to enter the virtual market will be able to take advantage of better business opportunities, reduce commercial losses and increase profits.

It is also known as a semi-automatic instrument to minimize human errors, with the help of an intelligent algorithm , to optimize the trading process. This technology is developed together with an application programming interface or better known as API, it also allows the commercialization of several cryptocurrencies at the same time.

This robot is relatively new, only in 2017 it began to be marketed by the company Cryptohopper BV, but to this day they have more than 75,000 users and the possibility of making exchanges in up to 75 types of cryptocurrencies .

Main features of this trading bot

What we can clearly see about this product is that it is automation software that will allow us to make better decisions when selling or buying cryptocurrencies, with the help of its algorithm this task will not have to be random, but, with help external and verifiable trends. Among the most important features of this bot are the following.

  • It includes an algorithmic and social system, that is, we will have the option to make the decision based on the suggestion of the robot with the help of some comments from experts from trade on social networks and other platforms.
  • We can use it from any type of device, from a computer to a smartphone.
  • We have the option to configure the robot to carry out operations throughout the day , every day.
  • It is capable of performing several operations with different cryptocurrencies at the same time , unlike a human operator who can only perform one.
  • From the platform we have access to different tools, such as indicators and templates.
  • It also offers us a section called Cryptohopper Academy, where we can see some tutorials to use the tool more efficiently.
  • We will not need to be online for the robot to do its work, it will catch all the signals from the experts regarding market movements to do good business.
  • We can test to apply new business strategies.

How to register with Cryptohopper?

Registering on this platform is very simple, due to its intuitive design we will not need a lot of experience in trading to start using it. Likewise, it is not necessary for us to download it to our computer or mobile, since it is available completely online. The procedure that we must carry out to permanently register in the tool is as follows.

  1. Create the account : This is the first step, we only have to go to the website and click on the "register" button, there we must fill in a form with our data, they are only the name, the email address and a password.
  2. Confirm the account : After registering, we must enter our email to confirm the creation of the account, we will receive an email with the information, from there we will have access to the main panel.
  3. Make some adjustments : Once our account is created we can configure and customize the bot with the help of the online wizard. In this configuration, we are going to choose the currencies with which we want to trade and other basic settings.
  4. Activate notifications : To start testing the robot, we can start with the activation of notifications or signals. These are obtained through social networks and other platforms such as Telegram, where trade professionals comment on their suggestions and recommendations, they are important for the robot to take them into account.

Advantages and positive opinions

We have already seen all those features that we will have available if we start to use Cryptohopper as part of our repertoire of tools for virtual trading , but even though it is a robot it is necessary that we know some human opinions that can be excellent recommendations, some of them we can see them below.

  • It is very easy to use : One of the most popular opinions about this tool is that its entire design is based to satisfy the needs and expectations of users , so that even beginners have the opportunity to start in this type of market with the help of this instrument.
  • It has a very good reputation on the Internet : Its reputation is also very good, if we have the opportunity to look for some surveys on its acceptance on the Internet we will find that it has very good acceptance in the sector.
  • It has very good prices : We can find a free version of the application, although we have a total of 3 paid options, so we will enjoy better features, all at very good prices from $ 19 to $ 99 per month.
  • Excellent customer service : One of the most acclaimed advantages of this digital instrument is its excellent customer service, they have a professional support group and very prepared to attend all our requests, we can also contact this team through their social networks such as Twitter , Facebook and Telegram.

Cryptohopper faq

We mentioned earlier that within the platform we will have a section called Cryptohopper Academy, where we will have video tutorials and documents of different formats available to learn how to use the tool. Within this section we can also find some frequently asked questions to dispel our doubts, the most consulted are the following.

Is this bot worth investing in?

For those of us who are dedicated to this type of business, we know that trading is a very delicate strategy, it is necessary to have a lot of experience, knowledge and skills to get worthwhile profits, without losing a lot of money in between. The good thing about investing in this software is that it is capable of making more accurate predictions, where our feelings and preferences do not influence negatively.

But, we must be careful with the businesses we do and follow operations with very low risk to generate better profits, if we do this well and follow the robot's suggestions we will have profits of up to 10% with each operation.

Is it virtually safe?

We know that all virtual currencies have a cryptographic sequence that makes them safe against computer attacks, but ... how do we know that our money and information are safe on this platform? The company has a server protected with the latest generation and very good quality Dutch technologies . Furthermore, the website does not have a "withdrawal" function so it is impossible for attackers to have access to our money or data.

To strengthen the entire system, it has a two-factor authentication , where we can access with a security code through our smart phone, just as some banks do, which makes it more secure.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions?

This is one of the most common questions among robot users, since sometimes we know that having a limited amount of funds can harm us when it comes to trading. Luckily, the platform does not have any type of limit, we can trade from 0.1 BTC to the amount we can imagine , we can mobilize it regardless of the type of plan or subscription we have in the tool.

How to contact the support team?

The platform has a separate section called Support Cryptohopper, from there we can open a "ticket" to contact them. It is important that in this request we describe what is the problem or the doubt that we have so that they can work in our case more easily. The response time period is usually in less than 24 hours , we will receive an "application accepted" email to put us in direct contact.

It is a very useful tool that we can use regardless of whether we are with the free or paid version.

Disadvantages of using this product

  • Very little information about the creator : This is the most notable disadvantage, although it is their website we can find the whole story behind the company, we do not have concrete information at hand, perhaps this is an error that they have overlooked but sadly your confidence level decreases.
  • Some signals are of low quality : Sometimes users tend to report that the signals or notifications are not very good in the free version, so it is difficult to make a correct decision.
  • The price is very high in the full version : Some think that the premium version is very expensive, the jump that goes from $ 45 to $ 99 is too much, although it is worth it when we notice that we have access to all the functionalities.

To finish, we have to say that it is a very well positioned tool on the Internet, we are rarely going to get bad reviews and opinions about Cryptohopper . It is perfect for both beginners and professionals, so that we can speed up our processes and be more proactive in business with virtual currency.

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