Suretrader: Review and opinions

When you are looking in the stock market, a reliable, efficient platform with the most advantageous rates for online trading , turn only to the professionals of Suretrader.

Thanks to its software, SureTrader Active Online Trading , you will be able to know in advance the possibilities of investing a stock short, as well as the conditions of using the leverage tool and many more.

Suretrader: Review and opinions
Suretrader: Review and opinions

What does SureTrader offer you?

SureTrader is known for guaranteeing you fees as low as $ 1.95 per share and $ 0.50 per option contract. And open a cash account with only $ 500 to start trading like a pro. This platform allows you to work with high frequency algorithms or HFT in English, to manage your short-term quotes. Its technical indicators and charts are presented in an intuitive interface .

Also, you have the opportunity to trade only for $ 0.01 , with no hidden fees. While the commissions for each operation are $ 0.50 more per contract. You can use more than 10,000 short symbols of online trading, through multiple clearing firms. In turn, it informs you if each share pays short or if certain restrictions apply.

One of the biggest advantages is the free 100K demo option, with which you can learn to apply the different tools of the exchange of shares and currencies, without the consequences of losing or winning real money.

Another exclusive service is its extended hours , between 8:00 am to 9:30 am EST, prior to the market and from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm after closing, in which you can take advantage of issuing limit orders. With the purpose of studying the stock markets and how the prices are affected , as the live world news passes.

As for leverage, this system allows you to use debt to invest in 6: 1 ratios during the day , 2: 1 at night, only in securities with margin above $ 3, as long as you have a minimum account of $ 500 .

It is worth noting that this profession is extremely volatile, so if you do not have a clear strategy, without the proper analysis and in-depth knowledge of the market you have chosen, it is likely that you will enter a maelstrom of losses and debts. For your greater confidence, Suretrader is a company, which is part of the conglomerate of MintBroker International, Ltd in the Bahamas, with offices in the United States and Canada.

Advantages of online trading

Thanks to the advancement of information technologies and electronic commerce, as a user you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Thanks to automation and digitization, you no longer need to negotiate over the phone with your broker as happened in the traditional system. Through your own knowledge and experience, you can become your own advisor , with the possibilities and risks that this implies.
  • Saving of time and resources. Now you can obtain results in the short and medium term, according to your strategic decisions, made with the immediacy that the Internet makes possible.
  • Greater diversity . This will depend on your maturity and experience as a trader, since you have different investment sources such as currency pairs, stocks on the stock market, commodities, bonds, or other financial instruments.
  • Investment costs and commissions are lower than those offered by traditional stock market systems.
  • Accessibility From any device connected to the Internet, you can enter your personalized account, in a few clicks and anywhere in the world.
  • These pages are protected with information encryption mechanisms, completely safe against malware and computer crimes.

Exclusive platforms

Through SureTrader Actiweb , carry out your daily transactions online and in real time with your personalized tools to manage your orders quickly and with an intuitive menu design. Its functions include obtaining live data, level 1 quotes and their respective monitoring lists.

It allows you to watch the live broadcast of the international financial channel Bloomberg News Network online , to be updated at all times, while you develop your strategies for the day.

The charts are built in real time and at all times, you will have the facility to watch your profits and losses , as the daily operations go by.

Its technical support and customer service is available through online chat, email and telephone, ready to assist you in a professional and cordial way. Their fees stand at a penny per share, for a minimum of $ 4.95 , while their routing costs are zero. Regarding commissions, they are located at $ 4.95 plus $ 0.50 per contract .

In order to install this program on the PC, you need technical requirements like Google Chrome 16, Firefox 11 or IE 10 browsers.

High level investments

For more advanced traders, there is the SureTrader Desktop or SureTrader Pro level II shortcut software , fully integrated with more advanced features. With just a few clicks, you can access the desktop program. This software is one of the most popular among those with advantages due to its technical capabilities.

  • $ 49 monthly fee .
  • Issuance and updating of news in real time.
  • Extra functions for designing and reading graphics .
  • The keys can be programmed, as well as customizing the linking of the windows.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems, with BootCamp.
  • Access to multiple level II screens , easy to organize.
  • Real-time profit and loss information.
  • The platform is in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

With these Level II displays, it is easy to spot who the market makers and ECN computer systems are , whether you are selling or buying at the time, as well as to observe any question or supply imbalances.

From its menu of chart types, study each action and run analyzes with updated trend lines and indicators, tick by tick. This will allow you to achieve advantages for short-term traders or those who want to expect results for a longer time, by choosing the best price to buy and sell.

One of the most useful functions among connoisseurs is its list of quotes , which provides a preview of the values ​​at the moment, notifies when the volume and price targets are achieved. In turn, it gives you a dozen data points, including the most important Bid / Ask, Last Trade, Intra-day High / Low and $ Change.

Market on your mobile

Finally, the application that every trader should have on their phone is ' Mobile SureTrader' , which is free to download. If you are an entrepreneur who usually travels constantly and does not feel comfortable being in an office, this app allows you to manage each of your transactions from your device , safely and directly.

For their part, iPhone users have the iDASTrader program to check their account status at any time of the day, obtain appointments and place trades, immediately, as long as the Internet connection is guaranteed.

Investment strategies

Today, users from all over the world , regardless of their professions, have decided to start investing with their own savings or loans in trading. If this is your case, first it is important that you inform yourself and learn the technical language and the tools available to invest with astuteness and not by intuition or "lucky breaks".

This is not a random activity, but a professional financial activity , with its real risks. The basic methods are technical and fundamental analysis. By understanding them, your real chances of making a profit on your initial investments will increase exponentially.

Technical analysis is the study of stocks that are bought and sold on the stock market. These are evaluated according to their historical behavior to predict their possible quotes, thanks to the use of charts. To do this, essential data such as price, open interest and stock market volume are required.

While fundamental analysis seeks to find the intrinsic value that a stock has and could achieve. This is determined by different factors such as the estimation of the company's cash flow, its multiples and ratios, depending on how the organizations perform in their respective markets.

As these are two methods, which require prior study, it is important for newbies to inform themselves and update themselves, self-taught or with an advisor, on the different dynamics according to the chosen market , raw materials, stocks, bonds or currency pairs. .

Other concepts that you should know are simple moving averages, stock trading with trend strategies , swing strategies , among others.

Final recommendations

If you are part of the group of entrepreneurs who are starting to trade, it is essential to assume responsibly that this activity involves real risks in the market, that is, without an adequate strategy and knowledge of how to face the best and worst scenarios , it is possible lose large sums of money.

Therefore, it is advisable to initially try the Suretrade r demo , with which you have a fictitious credit available to use, while you learn the investment dynamics, as well as the mechanisms of this platform, known by experts as one of the most reliable. in today's market.

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