What are loans between individuals or p2p? Infographics

Previously, we had already told you what loans between individuals are .

Today, we offer you an infographic that explains quite clearly how this type of loan works. Keep in mind that not all companies that manage loans between individuals work in the same way.

In the case of SEattle Meditation, we offer a platform in which people who need money and investors will bid for their credit in an auction by offering an amount, interest and term for their money, reaching an agreement. In addition, we request a guarantee and carry out the process in a public deed before a notary to offer greater security to both parties.

The terms and conditions shown in the infographic belong to other US companies in the sector, such as Lending Club and Prosper , the first of these being in the Top 20 of the most promising companies in America by Forbes magazine in 2011

Source: Lendio