What one wants and what it really is

I have been a few years (luckily or unfortunately) in this fantastic world of selling money. If, as you hear it, rather how you read it, "I sell money ." Some may seem strange but in reality it is so.

But to sell money you have to give two cases, first have money to sell and second have someone who needs to buy .

The first case is having money to sell, luckily I have it resolved. Thanks to my communication skills, my ability to persuasion accompanied with some luck and of course responsibility, quality, trust and work (I'm selling well, eh?) I have individuals who trust me and my platform, and allow me to sell their money the interest they create is really worth their money.

Believe me if I tell you that if it were up to me , I would like to sell more money! I really sell but the reality, the environment and the situation only allow me to make those sales when I can offer something in return.

The second case is the money buyer . This profile always exists and will exist with more or less quality and quantity. You have a product and you need buyers but over time you become more demanding and ask that your product be taken by quality buyers.

But what does this quality buyers mean? We will start from the fact that the requirement does not exempt from race, religion or politics, therefore the range is wide open, but what is “quality” summarized when selling money? .

I often deal with a lot of intermediaries, agents, collaborators, lawyers, advisers and other urban / financial tribe, who always come to me with requests to buy money that one wants to believe can be done and another is that reality says that I do not know can do .

You receive as a client offers you a guarantee and wants to buy you money and in reality you and we all want to sell that money , but reality says that this guarantee is not worth what is requested, or is not registered that is (it does not exist legally) , or it is not the client who asks for it and signs with a power of attorney, or it does not have a plan to return the money it buys, or it simply has more debt than it is actually worth, and unfortunately the reality is that we cannot sell you money .


" In loans between individuals many times what actually is and not what you want happens"



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