When should you ask for a private equity loan?

There are moments in life when our access to bank financing is closed, and we find a private equity loan as a solution .

Given this, what can we do ?:

1 We take the idea out of our heads and accept our situation of credit exclusion

2 We try to find a solution and we bet on ourselves.

We are going to be optimistic and I know that today it is difficult but we are going to choose the second way to find a solution.

Whenever you are looking for a private equity solution , a loan between individuals , friends, family etc, you always have to keep "your plan" in mind.

Your plan

A good plan is the surest way to get out of debt. Contracting a debt with anyone, be it a private individual, a company or a bank with a real guarantee carries a risk that must always be assessed for non-payment .

A non-payment of a debt can lead to great problems and the loss of your guarantee, so a good plan to cancel the debt is the fundamental basis for not getting into trouble.

Before getting collateralized debt, have a good plan in hand.

When should you ask for a private equity loan?

A loan between individuals or private equity has the function of temporarily getting out of a negative credit situation. These situations' are not to buy vehicles, carry out works or go on vacation, they are situations in which we will have to clean our credit history to access a traditional bank route that is always cheaper in terms of interest.

Another situation is when we are going to recover the capital that we ask for by other means such as the collection of an inheritance , the sale of a property , that is, when we have in mind the collection of an important amount that solves our debt in its entirety.

Therefore, if you are in the situation of I need money and you do not have a plan or a real need for private financing, never apply for a private equity loan .

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