Deceptive practices in loans between individuals "Danger"

The notice is late but something can be done:

It is commented on the web and in other media that the General Council of Notaries has communicated to the notaries asking them

"To maximize his professional zeal and his functions of information and advice to citizens who contract loans between individuals": see news.

This news is delayed since this notice is dated February 27, 2014, now having seen the matter, several questions are raised, from particular to a notary.

First question:

Notaries, are loans between individuals a novelty?

I answer for them. NO!,

Loans between individuals have always existed, what 's more, you can ask the lenders when they signed more loans before the crisis or after (you are still amazed)

Second question:

Are lenders a novelty or have they appeared suddenly?

They will tell you that many of the lenders are their clients, therefore they invoice in favor of their notary.

I'm not going to throw stones against my roof, especially in these times.

Third question:

What are your advisory and information functions?

This is simple.

They read you the loan deed and inform you about the conditions if you ratify it is that everything is correct


Fourth question:

How many times have you told a client not to sign something that didn't suit them?

This is clear if a notary sees any incident or possible scam to warn the individual of the possible act of bad faith on the part of the lender.

Finally, explain that many of these loans are usually hired by people in difficult economic situations and with maximum vulnerability, they are accessed as the only way to obtain credit

As I said in the first sentence, this notice is late and I don't know for what purpose.

The recent change in the mortgage law warns that the maximum percentage that can be offered in a loan between individuals is 12% per year and the maximum claim interest is 3 points the value of money.

The bad practices of some lenders have been denounced for years so this warning falls on the wet.

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