Fast loans online

I do not know if you have noticed but we are living a real revolution in fast micro loans online .

These loans are requested online on specialized websites and you simply have to provide an ID, a bank account or a receipt, a contact telephone number and ready in 24/48 hours you have your money in the account.

How much money can we request?

The amounts offered in this type of fast online loans are low between € 300 and € 500 in some cases they can reach € 600 no more and it all depends on whether you have already been a customer and have returned the loan.

Time is your enemy

Friend this is a universal reality.

Time always runs against us and even more so when a loan of this type has been requested.

The term presented to return the requested amount is relatively short, normally it does not exceed 15 days.

A typical example

This is an example on a website of fast online loans for an amount of € 280.

The Annual Equivalent Rate of a loan of this type is around 2424.60%. Keep in mind that this rate is an annual measure and a loan of this type lasts between 1 and 30 days.

Likewise, the rate is higher the shorter the duration of the loan.

  • Loan of 280 euros for 25 days
  • Total amount to return 349.30 euros
  • Interest and fees 69.3 euros
  • Equivalent annual rate 2424.60%

When to apply for a fast loan online?

We should only request this type of fast loans online to cover a temporary gap in our economy. Our plan for the return of the money should be well planned, that is, to collect a payroll, money that is owed, something safe.

The default interest is high in case of non-payment, in many cases it carries a penalty of a fixed amount and a default interest for a maximum of time, as well as the registration in the delinquency files.

I am not going to give advice on whether or not it is a good option to request this type of loans, the only thing I can do is be at your disposal to be able to inform you more in depth about this type of fast online loans .

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