I need Urgent and Fast Money to pay my inheritance

This is Maria's story.

Maria is a person with a quiet life, taking care of her children, a housewife, someone like you who suddenly suffers the unfortunate death of a relative due to the vicissitudes of fate.

After the initial drink and with calmer spirits, in the succession days she finds herself in the situation that she is a direct heir . This situation commits her to having to face the payment of taxes in order to "enjoy" her inheritance.

His request was very direct: I need money urgently and quickly to pay my inheritance .

I need € 40,000 to get my inheritance

I need Urgent and Fast Money to pay my inheritance

María had a quiet life with her husband Jose, a housewife, with her two puppies and her children who were healthy and happy in their studies.

The biggest problem that Maria had was to take care of her whole family as a good housewife worth its salt (without being macho).

Everything was rosy until unfortunately his father passed away.

After the tragic event and the return to normality, María assumes her condition as the sole heir and contacts her lawyer to carry out all the necessary paperwork and be able to enjoy her inheritance.

Her quiet life is suddenly going to take an unexpected turn, she becomes the direct heir to a central building valued at € 900,000! .

His first thought is to rent it completely and live on income, but fate was preparing a tough test for him, the Public Treasury.


When one becomes an heir, he is obliged to file a liquidation of the inheritance tax, which is regulated in Law 29/1987, of December 18, on Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Imagine the situation, when the poor woman presents said settlement, she pays the magic figure of € 40,000 a tile (and thank you that she did not get more).

This figure "leaves it checkered", the problem is served.

Where does Maria get that money now?

Will you get the money to borrow?

Will you give up the inheritance?


The poor woman would never imagine how difficult it would be to be able to get a loan to secure her inheritance.

Your first visit to your branch manager.

His mortgage, the car and that month of delay that he has with his € 3,000 visa card, cause things to start to get complicated.

The refusal of credit was seen to come.

I need € 40,000 to get my inheritance.

That famous bank scrolling causes the computer to start emitting a sound similar to the one heard when a cashier passes a product through the scanner.

Beep, Beep, B …… ip, DENIED!

And now what do I do?

The director as a "good manager" tells him to find someone who can lend him the money.

As if everyone had € 48,970 under their bed! She tells him.

Well, look for a lender, here you have touched it.

A lender sounds bad, but an investor sounds better huh?

Find an investor who can help you.

Maria leaves the bank ready to find that wonderful investor to help her solve her problem.


Poor Maria already knew that finding a loan for her affair was going to be a difficult task, but she was not even going to imagine that finding that “ Angel Investor” was going to be the most difficult yet.

After investigating the possible solutions with their lawyer, they found on the Internet a platform that offered them security and good advice at seattlemeditation.org, finally they were able to request a loan to pay for an inheritance .

Today María enjoys a more relaxed economic situation, the sale of the inherited property has turned her from a housewife to "The Queen of the house"

It is very common to request a loan to pay the taxes that derive from an inheritance. It is also very common that in the event that the inheritance received is made up of real estate that loan has a mortgage validity, softening the level of installment to pay as well as the term.

But in order to carry out the process in question it is necessary that all the heirs agree in this case there is no problem because there is a single heir, but in cases where there are more heirs they have to all agree to carry out the process .

At seattlemeditation.org we make loans with a mortgage guarantee to pay the expenses and taxes of an inheritance, request information on how to do it.

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