Get up to € 10,000 with the Wizink card

While doing some shopping in a mall, I was offered the Wizink card . Wizink?

For mid-level computer users, winzip sounds like a system to compress files but Wizink like credit cards doesn't sound like anything.

  1. Without changing banks
  2. No annual maintenance cost
  3. Comfortable fees

You know, all are advantages. Would it be interesting to hire this credit card?

In this article I am going to analyze the Wizink card , how you get its advantages and why you should request it, do not miss it.

What is the Wizink card

For years banks have gone from being in a place under your house, to new web pages offering their services online.

The advantages are many.

Availability, cost reduction, waiting times, but for the more traditional the lack of face-to-face can cause rejection.

In this case it is the turn of Banco Popular and its Internet brand Bancopopular-e , which for commercial reasons, mergers and acquisitions, founded Wizink .

Its history is relatively recent.

Wizink is a new online bank without offices at street level that will work 100% online.

It is formed from the old Bancopopular-e and with the collaboration of Banco Popular and Värde Partners (owners of 51%) and will offer credit card and investment services.

Wizink's goal is to become the leader in the credit card and online banking industry. Their current business numbers are remarkable, they have a base of 2.5 million customers, they manage 1.8 billion in card client balances and 2.3 billion in deposits.

So you know that the owner of the card is Wizink Banco Popular.

How much credit does the Wizink card offer

Depending on the financial situation of the applicant, the maximum amount of credit that can be obtained with a Wizink card is € 10,000.

If your situation is good and your monthly income is high, the initial credit amounts can range between € 1,500 and € 5,000. It influences the amount of credit that Wizink can offer you, have other debts (loans / outstanding credits), or have a home you own.

As time goes by and your movements are attractive, this means that there is no total cash-out, that the installments are paid without delays, let's be a good customer, your credit limit could reach its maximum limit of € 10,000.

Requirements to get the Wizink card

To get a credit card, as a general rule, you must be of legal age and have demonstrable income.

The process is very simple.

If you enter the Wizink website, you will have to indicate ID, name, telephone number and age as the main data for your application. Later you will have to prove your income and bank details for the income of the money and the direct debit of the charges.

What conditions Wizink offers

I'm going to detail the most important information when applying for a Wizink credit card.

  • Using a Wizink credit card is free.
  • The annual fee is free for life!
  • You don't have to change banks.
  • You will only pay for the items you buy with her.
  • You choose how to pay and what amount to defer.
  • You can modify the monthly payment method in the way that suits you best.
  • All are facilities for the use of the Wizink card.

But it is the cost of using this type of card that you should really know.

The debtor rate applied to the credit agreement has an annual nominal interest of 24%. The equivalent annual rate (APR) to the total payment of the debt is 0%.

The APR for deferred payment is 27.24%

* The APR is the total cost of the credit expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of the credit. The APR is used to compare different credit offers.


We have been granted a Wizink card with € 1,500 , and we have all the money on the first day. Selecting the fixed monthly payment in regular installment for 12 months, the amount to be paid would be € 142.00.

Total amount to be paid. that is, the amount of the capital loaned plus the interests and possible expenses related to your credit; TOTAL € 1,704.98 .

Winzink additional fees

  • Commission for change of Twin card design: € 6.
  • Commission for claiming unpaid quota: € 35.
  • Commission for issuing duplicate statements: € 2. This commission will not be charged when it comes to claiming the original, or if the duplicate requested corresponds to any of the three monthly billings prior to the date of request.
  • Commission for exceeding the limit: € 20.
  • Commission for sending an emergency card: € 10.
  • Commission for disposition of cash on credit: in national and international ATMs and for
  • transfer: 4.5%, minimum € 4. Additionally, the commission that the entity that owns the ATM may apply to each operation in whole or in part.
  • Alerts Service: € 1.5 per month.
  • Commission for opening deferred payment Services: € 10.
  • Commission for early cancellation of Deferred Payment Services: 1% (0.5% when the pending term is less than one year).
  • Commission for processing service and sending an additional card: € 10.

Additional insurance and security

After the commission list, I have great news for Wizink card users.

Wizink gives you 2 free insurance:

  1. Accident insurance and travel assistance (24 hours)
  2. Purchase protection insurance
  3. Other coverages

Accident insurance and travel assistance (24 hours)

  • Accident and Travel Assistance 24 hours
  • Seizure of the means of transport
  • Cancellation of the trip due to illness, accident or death
  • Medical expenses in case of emergency abroad
  • Repatriation or medical transport of the wounded or sick
  • Travel of a companion in case of hospitalization of the Insured
  • Expenses for managing loss of documents and keys Legal assistance
  • Loss of checked baggage
  • Expenses derived from luggage delay, delay or cancellation of the means of transport or the cancellation of the first night in the hotel

Purchase protection insurance:

  • Protected purchase
  • Robbery at ATM
  • Fraudulent use of mobile phones
  • Best price
  • Guaranteed online purchase
  • Cancellation of events
  • Other coverages
  • Home Connection
  • Appeal of Fines
  • Roadside assistance

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