Top 5 Personal Finance Mobile Apps in 2020

In this 2019 is a good year to manage finances quickly and easily from anywhere via mobile. Through different apps, you will be able to obtain greater financial stability, organization in the payment of debts or simply save for some later expense.

All this can be done through applications that allow you to perfectly record all income, expenses and transactions or manage established budgets. These APP can be paid or free and can be installed on any smartphone. Here are the top five apps for managing personal finances.

Top 5 Personal Finance Mobile Apps in 2019
Top 5 Personal Finance Mobile Apps in 2019

Money wise

It is an application created specifically for mobiles with the Android system, which allows you to monitor all the entry and exit of money in the account. Budgets can also be created and organized quickly and easily.

It is available to be downloaded in the Play Store of any Android smartphone, at no cost. It should be noted that the app can be managed with all currencies worldwide, being one of the most chosen by the public, since in previous years it has obtained the title of “The best spending tracking app for Android”.

Among its main characteristics can be named:

  • It can be used without an internet connection and without registering.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • Allows you to protect the information with a password.
  • You can manage more than one account with income, expenses and budgets.
  • Manage all currencies worldwide.
  • Graphic display of expenses by category.
  • It allows to export data as Comma Separated Values ​​for later import into Microsoft Excel.


It is available to be downloaded on electronic devices with Android and iOS systems. In both cases the download is free and easy.

It was created by CLEEVIO SRO, allows you to manage finances easily and without complications, controlling expenses and income received.

It can be used in different languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, among many others. It also offers to make purchases within it to convert your account into premium and plus, this in order to improve the experience within the Spendee itself.


  • Synchronization with bank accounts is verified and secure.
  • Allows you to add budgets for special events such as birthdays, trips, weddings, anniversaries or vacations.
  • It can be handled with any type of currency.
  • Makes debt payment reminders, utility bills or a loan.


It is more than a money manager, that allows you to organize and monitor all income and income from the comfort of a smartphone and best of all, it can be used from anywhere.

It is available to be downloaded for free in Android and Apple users, it was created by Aimbity AS and allows you to make a purchase of it to switch to the pro level, at a cost of approximately 3 euros.


  • It is easy to use and access on the mobile, as it allows you to apply "Widgets" on the home screen.
  • Allows you to synchronize the data to your email account.
  • It is compatible with all currencies.
  • Make a hassle-free backup to back up provided data.
  • Password protection, to protect data.
  • Allows you to configure and manage multiple accounts, with their budgets and all operations.
  • It contains a calculator configured to the same app.
  • Explain the distribution of expenses incurred using detailed charts or reports.


At first it can be very similar to the others mentioned above, but Wallet can also be used from a computer or mobile. It is created thanks to, which is a company that is responsible for developing ideas to improve people's finances, it is available to be downloaded on Android mobiles in the Play Store for free.


  • It displays graphs and reports that explain in detail the financial summary of the account.
  • All bank transactions on the account are recorded in Wallet in a verified and secure way.
  • Allows you to log in using a Google or Facebook account.
  • Budgets are easy and flexible to plan what you want without interfering with the payment of debts and other expenses.
  • You can share your accounts with the people you want through the app or the web.
  • Notify when you must make a payment.
  • Allows you to configure a password for greater security.
  • You can set your account to premium, making an additional payment within the application.
  • Record transactions according to the geographic location of both the account and the debit and credit cards.


It was created by the same creators of Turbo Tax, available for download in Android and Apple users for free. Mint is considered one of the most complete applications , allows you to make records and budgets, quickly identify expenses through graphics that offers to visualize where the money is going.

Through this app you can obtain a credit score, to observe the state of your financial health without having a credit card.


  • Provides a complete picture where you can view the complete status of the registered accounts, such as the account balance, expenses and income.
  • Within the Mint app, there is MintSights, which is a function that redefines expenses and the way you make them, with it you receive notifications of expenses, transactions, credit cards, savings and investments.
  • Invoice tracking, Mint allows you to manage debt by tracking how the invoice has to be paid and when is the ideal time to do so.
  • Mint is a totally free application .
  • Use security measures to protect access to the account in the app, protecting confidential data provided in it
  • You can export all the information to the desktop version using spreadsheets.
  • Currently it connects only to banks in the United States and Canada.

This is the list of the best personal finance mobile APP of 2019. Which one do you prefer?

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