Financing models, Loans between individuals, crowdfunding and Business Angels.

I have to admit that Spain is very "American" in capturing Anglo-Saxon concepts. I always emphasize that personally not everything that works in the US has to work in Spain, but since we are a country with a high degree of optimism, as they say we believe in the Three Kings, we quickly adopt concepts that under our cultural and social level they are difficult to fit according to the American model.

Nowadays there are a multitude of entrepreneurs, that new version 2.0 of the businessman, who thanks to new technologies and the Internet dream of creating the new social network of the moment or the new invention that dethrones the powerful Google , without forgetting Steve's genius Jobs and my favorite Bill Gates of course.

Concepts such as Business Angels , crowdfunding , P2P lending reach our borders and invade us with great optimism and admiration the new era of financing is entering the web.

But let's start with parts, what is crowdfunding?

According to Javier Martin , Crowdfunding is based on the idea that " People with money who trust people with ideas and work together to get a project forward " (it's curious because a couple of years ago I told him these same words and the did not see it clear). This in Roman paladino means that if you have money, you leave it to others to finance their "projects", but two concepts appear that are culturally difficult to overcome "they trust people with ideas and they work together ."

In short, you become a patron of the modern age in web 2.0 version.

In case it has not been clear to you, I will tell you what Wikipedia says:

Crowdfunding: " Collective cooperation, carried out by people who make a network to get money or other resources, the Internet is often used to finance efforts and initiatives of other people or organizations ."

It is said that the projects that are financed through crowdfunding do not stop growing, from creative projects to solidarity, through business. Specialization is increasing, and it is expected that in 2013, crowdfunding will be another financing option. From my experience in Spain we are very NGO, cooperative, and very supportive with others, caritas etc, but from there to cooperate and finance projects there is a long road that will be seen with the time that remains.

The business angels, angels or demons?

As I have said from the beginning, a new family has arrived (a long time ago) in this convulsive world of financing, the so-called business Angels .

This new archetype, the Business Angels , offers capital, knowledge, experience and management in the creation of start-ups and businesses .

Some numerous "famous" Spanish business Angels have appeared , but I want to recommend that dealing with them is more on the business side than Angels . So if you do not have anything really important to contribute, that is to say something already tested, in operation and with a relevant billing value, it is best that you do not even try to talk to them.

But if for some reason you manage to find them the relationship can turn more than Angels into Demons.


And what about the famous Loans between Individuals?

All this explosion of financing ideas described above comes from the Anglo-Saxon idea lending p2p , which is none other than individuals offering you their money together or separately for your project or whatever you need financing.

With this concept, comunitae and lubbus have appeared in this market with more or less success, offering the same concept. The reason is that the experience of investors who are initially receptive to these issues, becomes stormy when the investment is not returnable.

The Spanish judicial system is quite slow and in many cases ineffective in claiming traditionally bank loans, so the p2p between individuals and I don't even tell you.

We return to the concept of trust , if I fully trusted your project, but what guarantees do you give me in return? The business concept takes over us and finally we will not risk our money unless there is a guarantee to offer, for this reason loan platforms between individuals such as SEattle Meditation , only offer financing if the borrower can offer some type of real guarantee with it. that the success and return of the operation is guaranteed almost 100% .


Well, dear readers, this is our current panorama if something changes I will keep you informed, I await your hugs and comments.

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