crowdfunding in Spain

crowdfunding in Spain

In Spain it is necessary to finance companies and new entrepreneurs the difficulty in accessing credit causes the birth of new formulas and inventions to obtain credit. This is what happens with crowdfunding in Spain .

Crowdfunding like everything that is considered modern has something mysterious and a little anecdotal, but what is this about crowdfunding?

I am not going to copy the definition of Crowdfunding that wikipedia puts, but summarizing so that anyone understands it, crowdfunding is the union of people to obtain resources or financing for their project. Some request it and others lend it.

We are becoming very social and thanks to the Internet and its social networks it is very 2.0 and very cool to obtain resources and financing through alternative methods, this will last as long as the bank closure lasts because as soon as it will be there I will tell you where this will end.

I always say that in this matter of financing everything is already invented so if we want to go back to the patrons and call them crowdfunding-dinners then this is it. Surely everyone knows what a patron is because crowdfunding is a group of patrons, the only difference is that before the patron was a high social character, now anyone with € 1,000 that is left over can participate and tell their friends in their social evenings that is a crowdfunding-dinners and look like a man.

But let's get back to what's interesting. What can we do with crowdfunding? Do you have an interesting project? Remember the 150 followers you have on twitter, tell them your idea will surely be very good and they will donate € 5 to the cause. In crowdfunding we expose our development, that is, we tell our project to the four winds, for example I want to create a new social network for pets in which I register my pet and connect it with pets from all over the world. Hey, it sounds good, it just occurred to me, because as it is a somewhat strange and very avant-garde idea, surely no investment fund, business angels and of course the terrible banks are going to want to give me a euro, but since I am a crack in google and facebook I have accessed a crowdfunding platform in Spain and I have obtained € 15,000 to start with the invention!

What projects are financed with crowdfunding in Spain?

For this, it is better for the project platforms, list of crodfunding companies, to find a comparison and choose the one you like best. Searching, I have found many projects for books, videos, games and others, so if you have a bar or a motorcycle workshop in mind, it seems to me that this type of financing is not your thing.

I personally have a friend's project that we will present on crowdfunding platforms to see how it works and we will comment on the first-hand experience on our blog.

How much does it cost me to finance myself through crowdfunding in Spain?

Nothing, man, is cheap, you put € 10 to finance Pablo Alboran's new album and he sends you a CD signed by him first-hand. Another example could be that you finance a project of a fashion writer in your city and he invites you to the inauguration, you are a patron, boy, do not want to receive a 3.5 annual APR.

Well, this is all friends, I hope that my vision of crowdfunding in Spain has clarified the concept and objective of this initiative a bit.

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