Learn everything you need about loans between individuals

In this article I am going to explain to you in great detail, what are the famous loans between individuals and the differences that exist even if you have not even realized it.

Learn everything you need about loans between individuals in the Spanish national market, since the international one today does not influence us much and in the end I will tell you why.

Learn everything you need about loans between individuals


I'm not going to get involved a lot, I'm going to get straight to the point, so that everyone is clear about why the story I'm going to tell you.

Everyone directly or indirectly has knowledge of P2P networks , peer to peer, "point-to-point networks in Spanish."

These networks are set up with the intention of capturing information and data through global exchange. The purpose of this exchange can be to obtain a book, a movie, a song, a video, an application, etc.

Many of you will remember one of the first most famous p2p networks Napster that was dedicated to the exchange of songs. You wanted a song and thousands of users let you download it to your pc in a moment.

2#. P2P Lending

Here we enter the matter, the P2P lending is the evolution of the P2P in the exchange of files to the P2P in the exchange of money. The most alert minds thought that if it was possible to obtain a specific file why not obtain money, it is more to obtain a loan. This is what is called P2P lending in English and if we want it in Spanish, we pay P2P or loans from private to private .


From my experience in this market I can tell you that the appearance of the definition of loans between individuals in the dictionary of financing on the Internet dates back to 2011 when we appeared with our seattlemeditation.org project, information portals such as loogic echoed this.

At first there were those who called us cancamuseros, without asking us how we were going to work and because we had that label, others on TV called us possible loan sharks, others saw our idea as good and many others got on the car and changed their usury loan jacket from private equity to loans between individuals .

There is a difference when individuals lend money directly or through a company that collects money and distributes it. The loan between individuals from parents to children or between relatives and friends / acquaintances has always existed, with its model to be presented at the farm that justifies this type of operations, another case is when a P2P platform appears in the middle there is another story.

But since we are not going to be egotistical, we are going to move on to the chapter in which we differentiate loans between individuals.


I repeat that I am not going to talk about foreign P2P lending platforms, Prosper , Lending Club, etc., only those at the national level. First of all, I highlight the pioneering Comunitae in theory that appears in 2009, later we appear seattlemeditation.org in 2011 and loansP2P.es .

Today, other P2P loan platforms such as zank and lendico have appeared on the market in addition to the different crowdfunding / crowdlending platforms that are appearing.


What is the difference between loans between individuals? so many platforms and web pages talking about the same topic and offering the same product, loans but with different concepts.

The personal guarantee vs the real guarantee , this is the great difference of the loans between individuals. Those of personal guarantee , it is the owner of the loan who covers with his responsibility in the case of non-payment, the real guarantee, is the guarantee or guarantee provided by the borrower who is responsible in case of non-payment .

In the case of Comunitae, zank and lendico. The advantages are all for the one who asks and in his case they are few for the one who invests, the basis of sale of this product is diversification for the investor as proof of risk, divide and conquer as the basis of the business.

In this we must be careful because under this label of loans between individuals hide the always famous and feared " private equity companies, moneylenders" and other fauna that have been dragging such a bad reputation for years.

In our beginnings, SEattle Meditation went on the market as a platform for loans between individuals with a mortgage guarantee . This initially sets off the alarms and puts you in the group of loan sharks / scammers who take advantage of the evil of others, but far from reality the purpose of SEattle Meditation is to bring together in a web everyone with a real intention of obtaining profitability with their money in this type of operation all within a "legal" framework audited by us and under our responsibility.

It is to attract the basic investor to obtain an exact knowledge of the possibilities of investing in this type of loan and to provide the applicant for this type of financing with an environment of real, exact and legal information regardless of the records and controls established by the Ministry. of Consumption and Finance.

Nowadays thanks to social networks it is very easy to point out and criticize someone for a bad action, luckily the users who have obtained financing on our platform today are happy with the management and the treatment obtained having a 100% grade satisfaction of our customers.

We know our clients and offer solutions in which we do not force situations that will be unsustainable. If there cannot be a happy ending, we scrap the operation. Information and detail are the foundations of our business.

6 #. When to choose one platform or another

Today the question would not be this but who gives you the loan? P2P platforms with personal guarantee have their own similar analysis department at the banking level. If you have Financial Credit Institutions or a default, forget it (or so it should be). The advantages (in theory) would be to obtain a lower interest, but competing at the time against the bank can become a risk (the bank always wins).

Therefore, in the case of choosing one of the existing platforms, usability management and customer service will determine which platform is the most interesting.

Will these platforms be successful?

For my part, I hope so, but this is a very strange market when it comes to this type of platform. The P2P lending enters strongly in Anglo-Saxon markets and in the German market, for example lendico, in its first months it has been very successful, but the Spanish market is very tough. The pioneer Comunitae has been active since 2009, and among its results has financed 4 million euros , which makes us see how difficult it is to obtain good results in this business model. The national investor invests in banking, preferred, stock, real estate but for now it seems that making contributions of € 50 and "diversifying" does not seem to be very interesting. Another case is crowdfunding for companies and start-ups , which is gaining strength but with amounts higher than those of a simple consumer loan.

I hope this post has been useful and clarifies the precautions and risks that are taken in this type of operation.

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