What will become of the P2P platforms in Spain when the bank opens the tap?


This will be the million dollar question when the bank credit tap is reopened,

In what situation will P2P platforms remain in the market?

We do not know when this can happen but what is under study is that when the bank credit tap was completely closed for some, the loan platforms between individuals were not doing their August precisely.

Security, ignorance, difficult access

Compared to other countries where P2P platforms have great success and acceptance, the Spanish market does not have many solutions to change this trend.

This year 2014 has brought two new companies into this sector and they come with a large international lendico and zank cache, together with the national community there are three P2P platforms that are currently moving.

One fact to take into account is that since the appearance of comunitae in 2009 to the present day, the panorama of national loans between individuals was bleak.

Financial and bank versus platform

In Spain we are a country of deeply rooted customs and traditions. Going to the bank branch to have the manager on duty ask us how our family is doing and make us a little buck is one of the customs that we continue to have.

Financial entities are aware of this and are currently allocating resources and personnel to get financial agents out of their caves and present them to their clients, see current announcement of the caixa taking its agents to serve their clients directly.

P2P platforms have against the possible difficulty that a user has in accessing a request and the computer knowledge available. Another important issue is security , today there is still a lot of fear of providing banking or personal data online.

Advantages in the use of P2P platforms

The only advantages that a P2P platform can provide is the convenience of the request, without commuting or queues comfortably from your home and the possibility of obtaining a lower interest.

As soon as traditional banking opens the tap and consumer credit offers are more aggressive, in what situation will it be to request a loan on a P2P platform ?

The wise time will tell us.

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