Our SEattle Meditations tell us about their experiences

SEattle Meditation is a platform that connects individuals who need financing with individuals who want to invest and obtain a higher return on their money than in a bank and thus helping other people. They are loans between individuals with a mortgage guarantee and with a notarial guarantee. But since we know that you may have questions about how it works, we have set up a completely free advice service so that you can answer all your questions.

You can either call us yourself, or if you prefer, fill out our contact form and we will be the ones to get in touch with you when it suits you best.

In SEattle Meditation, operations have already been carried out with successful results, but what better than the testimonies of some of the members of the platform so that you can see how we work.

Our SEattle Meditations speak for us:

"Thanks to SEattle Meditation, I have managed to resolve my current situation of lack of credit, obtaining a 2-year financing that helps me solve my personal problems."

Luis MR ( San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid )

“I have not found in the market a website to obtain better money than the one offered by SEattle Meditation. Its platform has allowed me to negotiate my loan, doing all the process safely and before a notary. Thanks a lot."

Andrea GG ( The port of Santa Maria, Cadiz)

If you need financing and have a property free of charges, do not hesitate! Visit the finance blog seattlemeditation.org .