The prohibition of short positions limits the collapse of the Ibex to 1.1%

We leave you the Expansión video with the chronicle of the day today in which the CNMV after seeing how the ibex fell more than 5 points has taken action on the matter prohibiting short positions until October 23

The precarious situation of the Spanish autonomous communities has triggered the tension in the debt market. The ten-year bond yield stands at 7.5%, with the risk premium above 630 points . In addition, the situation in Greece has worsened, to which the IMF could cut aid. The Ibex has lost more than 5% during the session to fall to 5,905 points, a level not seen since 2003. The announcement of a meeting between Barroso and Draghi and the prohibition of short positions in all securities of the Spanish market ( only financials in Italy) have significantly reduced the falls. In this way, the Ibex has gone from being the worst to being the best index on the Old Continent. The selective has closed at 6,177.40 points, with a fall of 1.1%, compared to declines of 2.9% in Paris and 3.2% in Frankfurt. Wall Street moves with cuts greater than 1%.

Tomorrow the Treasury will have a new appointment in an auction of three and six-month bills in which it is expected to capture between 2,000 and 3,000 million euros, and during the week, most of the Ibex companies will present results.