SEattle Meditation at the National Congress of SMEs 2012 - SEattle Meditation Experience

national congress of SMEsLast Tuesday the 13th, it was not the day of bad luck, we attended the National Congress of SMEs in Oviedo, in an incomparable setting: the Hotel de la Reconquista . Rather, it seemed that an opera of presentations would open our eyes to the current financial “ Hurricane Sandy ” that is devastating Europe.

The congress occupies a whole day, with different topics of more or less interest and with a series of objectives to be fulfilled on my part. My intention when attending this series of events is to learn something new that I did not know, or to meet interesting people who can help me in my company.

Emphasize that the organization is good, the documentation of the presentations is very complete and that the personnel who present it is highly qualified. But from my humble point of view, and taking into account my poor experience in these events , I am going to comment on a couple of details that I find interesting to add in the next congresses.

  • The first detail, and I think the most important, is the presentation . With this I do not mean that the speakers present themselves, but that the attending SMEs present themselves . You can spend the whole day at the congress and have the vice president of Microsoft by your side, which you will not realize unless you know him by reference. With this I want to comment that a simple coffee at 12 noon does not mean that an event of this magnitude is an effective networking .

  • The second detail, why are the most interesting presentations the ones that last the least? If it is true, I understand that the sponsors of the event, as a private company, have their site. But actually if we want to sell this event as something that can help the SME , that does not look like a telemarketing please.
    I am referring, for example, to the cases of Mr. Pablo Couso with his
    DATISA software and Manuel Regueiro Tubio of Northgate with his flexible renting. They have bored me for so long in their lectures for such exclusive topics with hiring services, since it was not of my interest and, I think, that of many of those present. I must also emphasize that they have been clear and quality statements by the speaker.

  • The third detail is the presentation by Miguel Angel Robles, from Interban Network , and his keys to overcome the access and cost of credit . He seemed to be viewing a newscast in any time slot when talking about the economy, with a final summary that clarifies the reason for the problem: the image of a shark eating 400,000 million euros that indicates that until the bank does not assume these losses we are lost (we could have started there). It is also worth highlighting the professor at the University of Cantabria, Jose Luis Torres Crespo, with a return to our stage at the University with a presentation on the prevention of defaults and late payments . In the end he did not clarify how to prevent them, I stayed the same as at the beginning (I am a very bad student).

And finally the winners of the national congress of SMEs. In my opinion, the two deserved to give the whole presentation and remove the previous ones.

  • Mr. Daniel Suárez Sánchez, from the Coontigo company . Personally, when I saw him come in (he was late by the way) he seemed to me like a university student who came to take notes for his final degree project. With this I want to highlight the freshness with which it appears on stage and the imagination to capture the attention of the room. His presentation on establishing a cost saving plan can be extended to many aspects of the sale and management of companies, which is why, personally, it has been a very interesting and recommended presentation.

  • Mention of honor goes to Mr. David Rodríguez Garcia, from OnetoOne Corporate Finance , with whom I personally had a talk and I recommend Internet start-up SMEs to a consulting meeting with this company. It can clarify many aspects that should not be taken on the basis of a company, its financing and subsequent market launch.

Finally, comment that the experience has been positive because something is learned from everything.