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I want to make a summary of this 2012 to reflect on what this year has brought me personally and professionally.

On a personal level, this has been a year (I think) of transition. That means improvement is expected. There are stages of your life that you have to be like a plant (choose the one you like best) attractive on the outside but inside you know that the sap circulates although you don't know if it will be able to water all its leaves.

This year my sap has not watered all my leaves, but it has prevented the plant from dying, and for these times it is enough. As I do not like to talk about my private life. just knowing that if mine are okay, I'm okay. Unfortunately I can't have 100% but I make up for it that I don't like to talk about my private life.

As far as the professional part is concerned, this has been the first year of the hatching. No one after a creation has ever known how to determine the impact it was going to have. Of course, I am no more than anyone else and I cannot calculate it, although I do have the objective of asking the wise men on the subject, and I must admit that all that we have consulted at least one in particular (unfortunately he is a "guru" of investments on the Internet) have praised our product with a note of notable with the apostrophe of can be improved . Every start-up company starts a war. His destiny, despite his abilities, is in the hands of free will.

The growth of our proposal is directly proportional to the capacity we have in transmitting our idea. If we are capable of showing what we have, as well as explaining it "in situ", we are halfway there.

Regarding the battlefield and the work carried out, I will summarize my actions in this way. In war operations, when a thousand four-horse fast chariots, a thousand heavy chariots, and a thousand soldiers are required; when provisions for a thousand are to be transported; when there are expenses at home and at the front, and stipends for envoys and advisers, the cost of materials such as rubber and shellac, carts and armor, easily amounts to a thousand pieces
gold a day. An army of one hundred thousand men can be put on the field only when this money is in hand. "

Someday I will transfer this simple knowledge to entrepreneurs who look to the Internet as that Pandora's box that allows their ideas to be exploited, but are you ready for these ideas to be exploited? A quick victory is the main objective of the war. If victory is slow in coming, weapons lose their edge and morale drops. If troops attack cities, their strength wears out. When an army engages in a protracted campaign, the resources of the state dwindle rapidly. How much are you willing to suffer? Suffering is your TAO, it will make you strong or weak if you are not willing to die trying, this is not your war.

From all this it follows that those who are incapable of understanding the dangers inherent in employing troops are equally incapable of understanding how to use them to advantage.
Those skilled at warfare do not need a second levy of recruits, or more than two supplies. Military equipment is transported from home, but the enemy is trusted for supplies. Thus, the army will be fully provided with food.

Today we have become experts in warfare, as good experts we have listened to our captains and we have recruited great generals who will provide us with food and soldiers for future battles. They will be hard but we are used to it.

I have no more to say if it would not become a manifesto and this is not an end but a great beginning . Our reflection is not Steve Jobs, nor Amancio Ortega, nor Emilio Botín. We feel the same as when Felix Baumgartner saw the earth from the stratosphere and jumped to more than 39,000 meters high, obtaining the greatest success of the 21st century.

Finally, a big hug to my partner and friend Alfredo Valdes, my guardian angel and personal friend David Hernadez Dabo, and my great assistant Community Manager Emma and all those who are yet to come.

Thank you, without your support the war would have been in vain.

HAPPY and HAPPY 2013

Arturo Vieiros Garcia