SEattle Meditation on The Restless Investor

SEattle Meditation on the restless investor On January 17, the independent financial information portal " " made our founder, Arturo Vieiros , participate in an article that dealt with the different alternatives that exist when requesting a loan : microcredits, quick credits or financing between individuals .

On this last point, we have had the pleasure of answering some questions. Loans between individuals continue to be an option that, perhaps due to its "novelty" in Spain, continues to raise questions and we are delighted to clear up any doubts that may arise.

Loans between individuals cover the need to regulate a situation that has always occurred: someone leaves money to someone . As we well say in the article, “the crisis and the lack of bank credit increase this type of operation. But these operations have always been carried out by a specialized and exclusive sector called “private equity lenders”.

On the other hand, SEattle Meditation requests a guarantee from those who wish to request money . This point is logical if we think that we are going to lend money to someone with whom we have no relationship and we need to have a guarantee that it will be paid. It is still something that has always been done: leave a deposit (either 30% of the market value / appraisal of a property or the euro of the hypermarket car ;-))

Another point that we explain is the savings in banking costs (opening commissions or administration costs) and the investment of high profitability that is achieved in relation to banking. In our platform , the investor can propose an amount of money, an interest rate (between 8% and 20%) and a term) so that the borrower is the one who negotiates with the conditions that the investor proposes in the platform.

We encourage you to read the article and we thank for giving us the opportunity to participate in the publication.