Request a loan from individuals online.

In these moments in which our economic situation is weak and complicated, the need to request a loan can become an impossible task. If you add to this that your credit situation is damaged by annotations in the Credit Checker, or you do not have the ability to demonstrate income or, worse still, you are unemployed, directly the task is impossible.

But someone will surely have told you that there is nothing impossible , " impossible is nothing ", at SEattle Meditation we will try to give you an opportunity so that you can request a loan from individuals.

Why ask for a loan from individuals?

That a financial institution tells you "no" does not mean that an individual risks his money by lending to individuals obtaining a higher profitability than that currently obtained from his bank deposits. For this to be done safely , an individual who lends his money and acts as a lender does not have the technical ability to be able to guess the creditworthiness of the person applying for a loan. To solve this difficulty, only the contribution of a guarantee by the applicant allows him to obtain the desired financing .

What guarantee is provided, how and in what way?

A free real estate property will provide you with the credit you need. A loan between individuals with a mortgage guarantee signed before a notary is the most common and safe way for an individual to lend their money . An apartment, a house, an industrial warehouse, a commercial premises ..., that is to say, any real estate property are valid guarantees to obtain a loan between individuals .

I have a repossessed property as collateral, can it help me?

Loans between individuals are a means of obtaining financing in order to cancel liens . Many individuals go to finance companies or lenders with the aim of canceling debts, liens, Credit Checker . At SEattle Meditation, we have individuals with the ability to provide credits in order to cancel liens, the only requirement being that the property that is placed as collateral does not have liens greater than 30% of its current appraised value .

How much credit can I get?

Requesting a loan from an individual generally should not exceed 30% of its appraised / market value. Everything will also be influenced by the quality of the guarantee, its situation and the offer made by the individual.

Where and who can advise me?

Credit platforms or loans between individuals over the Internet are the ideal place to carry out these procedures. At SEattle Meditation we advise you and indicate the ideal procedure for you to successfully complete your application, offering the best conditions you will find in the market.

If you liked this article and want more detailed information on how to request a loan from individuals, you can contact an agent and they will inform you of the entire process in detail.