The Spanish Bank for 2014

New Year New Life.

This is the typical saying that is made when a new year is about to enter. We will set challenges and future goals to meet, learn English, lose 10 kilos, stop smoking, etc.

But what will happen to the people who aim to request a loan in 2014 from a bank?

Many of the people believe that next year 2014 credit in Spain will finally be opened for individuals and companies that need it, but the truth is that no matter how hard we try the following reasons given indicate that the outlook is quite dark.

Spain will close with a public deficit of 6.7% to leave it in 2014 with 6.1%, with which Spain would not comply with the agreement with Brussels of 6.5% for 2013 and 5.8% in 2014.

Banks do not give credit because buying government debt is safer than complying with families.

Default in Spain is a reality that continues to grow month by month with the consequent withdrawal of banks from granting loans; so much so that in October it stood at 12.99% compared to 12.66 in September.

As for the mortgage delinquency, this stood at 5.24% in the third quarter of the year, so the delinquency for the purchase of a home has skyrocketed since the third quarter of 2012 which was 3.6%.

The formulas to get out of the crisis according to my analysis are that spending and growth must be combined and for this we must start up large companies and especially SMEs with fiscal and social incentives (especially SMEs and SMEs). autonomous) that are the true engine of the economy.

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