Ideas and recommendations to start an Internet start-up

First I have to say that I am not an Internet Guru, nor an expert in SEO , SEM and I have not yet sold my first company for 100 million Euros to Google, so if you are not interested in my resume, you are in your right not to follow reading, but since you are an intelligent uncle and you never underestimate anyone, you will be forced to endure a couple of minutes before seeing your email, twitter or wassap ..

Que la fuerza te acompañe start-up
May the force be with you start-up

The truth is that in reality there are many called and few chosen in the difficult world entrerprise (in business Spanish, the Anglo-Saxon calls a lot). It always has been, I am not going to be the first to remember how hard it is to be a self-employed person, an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur.

Personally, I am currently only interested in Internet-based businesses and communication, so I only indicate this post to this type of business.


First of all think that you want to do, meditate and carry out an internal analysis of what you are going to do and why. What do you want your website for? What problem or what void is it going to occupy?

See if your idea already exists, find your future competition and propose what new ideas you can contribute.

Your project must have a name, in reality your future online brand will be what is known in marketing as branding . The correct choice of your name is the first step in the presence that your domain will have. On the Internet, words are a key piece for your company or product, so choosing them is the key by which they will locate you.

Become an animal lover, the panda , the penguin and some others will be your best and worst enemies. The Internet and its monster google will be your new friends from the first moment, becoming familiar with them will be beneficial for your future company.

Don't read stories or look for so-called “famous experts” as they have succeeded. Create your own story and seek your success without remembering the success of others. Forget Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and all the stories you will hear or have heard of someone who has made a website and sells it for 100 million dollars.

Remember that although initially a website or start-up has a low cost orientation, you do not have to have a premises, or an opening license, or a secretary, etc., but it does have to have a foundation so that in reality in the future you can take it seriously.

Internet projects are long-haul, prepare as a long-distance runner, not as a 100m sprinter.


Do you already know the product or service that you are going to sell? This is your business base, but do not become obsessed with the product, the technology in which you will develop your project, or whether you like it or not, the engine of your company will be called sales and the gasoline that fuels it marketing . Just think of selling. Visualize how you will offer your services, how you will present your projects, try to know your future clients, their needs, tastes and hobbies, all this will make you a sales gladiator. To get somewhere you first have to know where you want to go.


We are already clear that although all your life you have unfortunately detested it in the business world, you have to go out and sell. When you propose to found your first website, you have the feeling that thousands of Internet users will see it, comment on it and rate your product or service.

This is the first big mistake of the entrepreneur on the Internet, everything is summed up in a phrase " what one wants and what it really is ". You are on the Internet globally, this quickly transports you to a scenario where you are just waiting for someone to enter your door requesting your brilliant services. You are not on Madrid's Gran Vía, or on Barcelona's Diagonal, at first you find yourself in the middle of the Sahara desert, one of the most hostile environments in the world.

For this reason, first locate your services or the sale of your products locally, use offline services such as press, radio, commercial visits, mailings to publicize your company and at the same time use the online services offered by the Internet to obtain customers and generate sales.

In the future a correct online strategy will be the basis of marketing and the growth of your business. Your company has to try to grow from the beginning, do not wait for an online strategy to lengthen your billing.


One of the strategies used by large technology companies, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung is to create an expectation in the launch of a product is what is lately called viral marketing. An ad produced by Ridley Scott in 1984 for apple was the beginning of what marketing is used to create buzz for a product.

You can create the expectation yourself by dealing with people on a daily basis, you can create a blog with information or data that are of interest, or through twitter or facebook here you can get diffusion in a few days.


Your brand and your logo are your cover letter, register them to avoid problems, avoid that if your brand / product succeeds, they do not copy it. There are companies that are dedicated to the registration of patents and trademarks, contact them they perform all the management avoiding problems in the procedures.

Remember that in Spain the LOPD (Official Data Protection Law) is very severe and will affect aspects such as hosting servers and the collection of data in forms, if your project is based on electronic transactions the Law of Services of the Society of the Information will monitor the transactions on the websites. Talk to companies specialized in these aspects.

Next week I will expose what I think are the ideal steps in the preparation and launch of your website.

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