Seven steps of a start-up to reach your first customer

[googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] The seven steps of a start-up to reach its first client is intended to be a small guide to offer a small orientation in the launch and attracting business from a start-up .

From the initial idea to the realization of a viable 2.0 business there is a long and hard road. Knowing how to calculate market capacity and offset development and management expenses is one of the main keys to avoid the failure of a start-up .

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[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] The idea and its success [/ googlefont] [googlefont font =” Open Sans ”size =” 15px ”margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

One of the first lessons you can learn if you have carried out or have in mind to launch a business project on the Internet is the following: A great idea does not guarantee the success of a start-up .

The history of the Internet is full of wonderful ideas along with resounding failures, realizing it too late often has disastrous consequences.

I do not want to make comparisons about the successes and failures of online businesses, but there have been entrepreneurs who have succeeded with one of their five projects and others have only needed a blog or a simple project to make the leap.

Great ideas are not directly proportional to great successes, the realization and the team that carries out those ideas if they can guarantee you success.

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 1. Allocates half of the budget for the first year upon its release [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

For a start-up project it will surely be very difficult to establish the necessary budget for its first year, surely the entrepreneur will be more focused on the development of the product than on its launch.

This data, the cost of product development, normally translates into the initial amount of money that the entrepreneur has, leaving in the background for when the product-idea is almost 90% commercial release to the market.

It must be taken into account that an idea "does not sell" when it is being developed, however an expectation related to its launch can generate the first income for its start.

If you can create excitement about your start-up, don't hesitate for a moment.

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 2. Spend 60 days planning the release [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

In 80 days Willy Fod went around the world , so in 60 days you can plan the launch of your start-up . Personally, I think you don't need a similar amount to plan the launch, but if it is good that you dedicate an exclusive time to planning, remember that when you have started you will no longer have that valuable time.

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 3. Segment your target audience [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

The most powerful weapon in a marketing pitch is segmentation. Do not try to cover the entire market, it is more preferable to identify a specific niche (geographic, operational, others) and then expand the domain.

Finally, an international expansion is the culmination for any start-up .

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 4. Select a large and growing market [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

Segmenting your target audience doesn't have to mean that your market has to be small. The best environment to get started with your start-up should be a large sector.

This a priori may have more costs to start, but in the long run it guarantees more possibilities of profit.

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 5. Never walk alone [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

Although the idea of ​​a start-up belongs to a single founding partner, he must take into account surrounding himself with a suitable team, one of the main mistakes of entrepreneurs is the choice of partners.

A team capable of bringing an idea to fruition is essential when starting a start-up , especially if its online business environment is based. Concepts such as Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, bloging , social networks, favor and are very necessary for the growth of a start-up .

The knowledge on the part of the entrepreneur of these concepts, their operation and the costs involved in the use of these techniques, oblige them to have a network of contacts that allow their use.

It must be borne in mind that an entrepreneur, no matter how high his capacity and knowledge, has to know how to delegate certain tasks and know the cost that can derive from outsourcing.

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 6. Rate your product properly [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

Your product must not have a price higher than the production costs or higher than the value that your customer perceives. There are exceptions, for example in the digital world where it is common to go on the market with a price lower than its production cost.

It is very important to know your competition, their market prices, their services, in order to estimate your starting price.

[/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”30px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″] 7. Trial and Error [/ googlefont] [googlefont font = ”Open Sans” size = ”15px” margin = ”0px 0 0px 0 ″]

If we do not have a historical database with knowledge of our idea or product, the traditional proof plus error system will always be present in our project.

There are techniques such as pilot projects or minimum viable products that help scan the market before jumping into the void with your company.

An example is that of the Dropbox company, which in order to see if their idea would be of interest to users, previously created a video tutorial that showed the platform's functionalities.

This feedback will take you to a point where you will know if your idea or product can have the acceptance that you want.

Just because the industry is great and your idea is very good does not mean that it will become the business of the century.

Source: Expasión Emprendedores & Empleo newspaper

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