What is the Land Registry?

The Property Registry is a State institution where real estate is reported for what they want to be made available to the public. The value of the property registry consists of listing the real estate, the place where it is located, the name of its owners and all those rights and obligations or fiscal charges to which the properties are subject.

It is a public service that depends on the Ministry of Justice to guarantee the security of the real estate market. It constitutes a network of offices in towns and cities of Spain.

Due to the growth of populations today, to ensure that it is safe, for example, obtain a mortgage we must know with total security the ownership of the property or the charges it has .

Is the registration of a home mandatory in the Property Registry?

No. The description is totally voluntary, but if we decide not to register it we may have some problems derived from this, for example that it will be impossible for us to transmit the property since today requesting a simple note is the first step in any transfer operation.

We must also take into account that registering the ownership of a real estate in the registry our data will be public and we will make sure that no one can dispose of the property fraudulently.

We make the assumption that we buy a home and do not register it, in this case the seller would continue to be listed as the owner, being able to sell it as if it were not. But not only that but also that the seller's creditors can seize the property depriving us of its use.

In addition, it is an organization that puts the buyer and seller on equal terms.

What is the land registry?
What is the land registry?

What types of documents can the Property Registry keep?

Public documents can be registered, whether notarial, judicial or administrative. In some cases they can speed up private documents such as inheritances.

What is done in the Land Registry?

This entity of the State, independent from the Ministry of Justice, has the service of registering all those acts, judicial or administrative decisions and contracts that are related to the ownership of real estate, both rights and charges.

How much does a simple note in the Land Registry cost?

The price of the simple note , if we request it online, in a private company (this service is provided by agents who are in charge of processing it with the corresponding property registry) is usually around 9.02 to 22 euros .

If we request it in person at the property registry of the town where the property is located, it will be only 3 euros.

What is the registration certificate?

This certification is a document signed by the registrar that ensures the validity of its content on all current and old data that are registered.

The most common certification is that of "domain and charges" which we can also call "farm certification". This document, in the event that we apply for a mortgage, assures both the buyer a bank the real value of the property and the fulfillment of the mortgage.

But other certifications can be requested, such as a literal that includes the complete information of the registry entries.

What is a simple note from the Land Registry?

A simple note is a document that requests the property registry that does not serve to know the situation of the property offers us data such as, for example, the place where it is located, data on its dimensions, the owner, the typology and the uses that They can be given to the farm, the rights that apply the property and also the charges, whether legal or financial.

What do the uses of the farm refer to in a simple note?

These uses are always related to the General urban planning plan of each municipality where property is located. In the case that it is a piece of land, it may be developable with developable or, in the case of a home, if it belongs to a community of owners, then a participation coefficient will appear (the latter would serve to give importance to the vote). These two previous ones serve as an example.

How long do I have to register a deed in the Land Registry?

In the case of the mortgage deed and the constitution of the family patrimony, this must be registered within 90 days from the first signature, and if not, the act of constitution of the deed would be invalid.

Which Land Registry corresponds to us?

To request a simple note, any other document or certificate of real estate, we must refer to the property registry office located in the town where the property is located.

What is the validity of a simple note requested in the Property Registry?

There is no specific validity that determines the value of the information contained in the simple note since it will always show the data found in the property registry on the date indicated in the simple note.

According to this, the simple note cannot be used for the information on dates after the simple note indicated.

How is a Land Registry office organized?

Each office of the Land Registry is managed by a Registrar but, in the case of some cities and due to the high workload, there may be more than one.

Each property registry office has a demarcation granted and cannot go beyond its powers. We carry it demarcation because it does not have to exactly coincide with a population since it can sometimes be extended and include smaller populations due to the low volume of houses.

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